Carrera y Carrera Year of the Dragon jewelry

Andrea Divirgilio / May 16, 2012

The year 2012 known as “Year of the Dragon” as per the Chinese astronomical experts has been a year of the celebration of the Chinese culture to the hilt, with luxury brands leaving no stone unturned to lure the wealthy Chinese. Chinese culture relates Dragons to strength, harmony and good fortune. So whether it’s jewelry or cars or other premium brands for luxurious items, everyone is in a race to tap the symbolic prosperity and power of this special Chinese mystical animal. And when the name of the noted Spanish jewelry firm – considered as one of the best worldwide, Carrera y Carrera pops up, it becomes synonymous for all words describing distinguished work of art. And special Carrera y Carrera Year of the Dragon jewelry representing one of the strongest collections of this brand – Círculos de Fuego is no exception.

Carrera y Carrera

To create masterpieces, this mastermind of authentic designer jewelry uses unique style and precise designs to create a fine collection of fine jewelry. Timeless masterworks of Carrera y Carrera Year of the Dragon’s Special Edition are inspired by the most mystic facet of Asian culture. The new collection represents one of the strongest collections, Círculos de Fuego. Inspired by the mystical aspect, Círculos de Fuego is surely to capture exclusive works of art represented by the dragon, tough and powerful like the women who embrace each of these pieces.

The meticulous designs depict the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship that Carrera y Carrera has perfected. To create these pieces of fine jewelry, Carrera y Carrera has used onyx that, like dragons, passes goof fortune and diffuses light through volumes and curvy contours. Other materials used for crafting this impressive and timeless collection’s large Shanghai pendant include white gold, yellow gold, diamonds combined with ruby, emerald, and yellow and orange sapphire. More than 30 pieces of Círculos de Fuego take us to a journey of a legendary and captivating world, paying homage to the Year of the Dragon.

Via: Carrera y Carrera

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