Cartier ID Two Concept watch is the world’s first energy efficient timepiece

Andrea Divirgilio / July 12, 2012

With a long history of serving royalty, as well as stars and celebrities, the renowned French jeweler and watch manufacturer giant of the luxury goods holding company, the Richemont Group, Cartier has over the times delivered some of the exceptional timepieces, most notably the Calibre de Cartier, the Tank, Santos de Cartier, and the Pasha. Cartier is also making impressive statements in the horological world with the developments by its Fine Watchmaking Division, which also runs a program called the “Ideas + Development” that conceptualizes what mechanical watchmaking will be in the decades to come, and what advances it really matter. Now, after introducing the ID One watch, the world’s very first watch to be completely adjustment and lubricant free, Cartier has now given a sneak peek at its forthcoming and revolutionary world’s first energy efficient timepiece, the ID Two Concept watch.

Cartier's ID Two Concept watch

Cartier's ID Two Concept watch

Nothing short of a watchmaking revolution, the ID Two Concept watch has a power reserve of an astounding 32 days. Instead of a traditional metal alloys, its main spring is the first ever to be made from fiber glass. Further, the escapements are planetary instead of linear, making it far more efficient in transferring the power from the mainspring to the timekeeping elements.

Cartier's ID Two Concept watch

Most notably, the movements are lubricant-free, which not only means that it’ll require pretty less adjustments to stay precise, but will also run a lot longer without wear, all thanks to the materials and high precision manufacturing. The ID Two Concept watch which actually took five years to develop, sports a case made from a transparent ceramic, sealed using vacuum pressure and without using screws.

Cartier's ID Two Concept watch

And, in typical Cartier fashion, this forthcoming concept watch looks stunning and sports an incredible movement which is clearly visible through the case from both back and front.

Not for sale, ID Two Concept is more of a concept watch or a serious watchmaking study that actually showcases the possibilities in future watchmaking. However, the watch will be officially launched at the upcoming Salon International de Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

And, for ladies whose weakness for diamonds and taste for highly crafted timepieces, go hand in hand. They can check the Cartier Masse Secrete Panthere Decor automatic ladies watch.

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