Cartier Masse Secrete Panthere Decor automatic ladies watch every woman will desire
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Cartier Masse Secrete Panthere Decor automatic ladies watch every woman will desire

Cartier Masse Secrete Panthere Decor automatic ladies watch every woman will desire

Cartier and its deep relationship with jewelry is perhaps a part of documented history. Fine craftsmanship took many an artistic turn with whatever they created, especially with reference to watches. Some diflucan without prescription of the their finest would include the Mille Et Une Heures and $100,000 Submariner, and competing in similar segment, is the Masse Secrete Panthere ladies watch, which is certainly going to be pride of the fairer sex. Delicately shaped and crafted, this timepiece features white gold panthers in various postures on the dial amongst other features.

Cartier Masse Secrete Panther Decor Watch

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Talking about then delicate and rather elegant aesthetics of the wrist watch, the main casing has been created with a white-gold rhodium plated frame but has been bestowed with a plethora of hand selected white diamonds, giving it a royal bling, without losing out on the overall elite stature that the brand caters to. In fact, they have been arranged in 2 separate rings within the dial space. Though 42 mm wide, it features a bejeweled panther at the centre spread from the 9 ‘o’clock position how can i purchase estrace at reno over the counter estrace treat menopause samples online. evorel fast delivery without a prescription . treatment buy online Phenergan online to the 6 ‘o’ position, created with white gold and dotted with dark purple mother of pearls throughout. The base of the dial is black and only features two crafted hands to display the time. However, one wouldn’t see any particular markings or numeric for the hour and minutes. The covering is of course the semi-matte alligator leather, and the side crown is white gold with a single diamond placed on it.

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Cartier Masse Secrete Panther Decor Watch side view

Talking of the engine of the timepiece, which is the centered by the patent mechanical 9603 caliber movement, which has 633 components, much of which is precious stones and metals. The vibration rate of this movement is 28,800 vibrations per hour. The power reserve is for 48-hours before its needs a rewind in the movement to get back the energy. Like most precious stuff, this watch will have individual numbering audrey begins her story meaning of the old belizean buy female cialis online buy cheap Propranolol on the back of the casing, covered in white sapphire crystal.

So for all ladies whose weakness for diamonds and taste for crafted timepieces, go hand in hand, this is one timepiece to indulge in, for the New Year 2012. Besides, if you own any of the fascinating pieces from Cartier's animal-shaped jewlery collection, like the panther-themed Cartier diamond jewelry we had recently told you about, then this panther watch will be in perfect co-ordination.

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