Million dollar baby: gold statue of Kate Moss finally revealed

Andrea Divirgilio / October 3, 2008

kate moss statue XAAQS 52

It is the perfect time for an update on the “golden statue” of Kate Moss, for we did tell you that her statue would be on display from the 4th of October. We stare awestruck at the pose of the statue, and it seems that sculptor Marc Quinn likes these provocative poses, for he did something similar with the Sphinx. Valued at a whopping $2.75 million, this is the largest statue in gold since the Egyptian era, and that is what surprises us the most. Although we were waiting for someone to break those long-standing records, we never thought that it will be a statue with a posture like this. Let us be honest here! All of us would love that some sculptor makes our gold statue and it would even do if it is a scale model, but please, not that pose!

Via: Examiner

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