Cash Hoarders Are The New Wealthy

Ivan Andrews / August 24, 2013

Though it was only in 2009 but most wealthy people found themselves in a tight spot at that point. Although risk management and cash management was much in public preview, the wealthy lot realized that they had overspent their assets and concentrated much on a single asset, thereby putting themselves in the danger zone.

The new age of Beta Rich had suddenly evolved in which no wealthy person was immune to the swings of the market and increased amount of cash was required to absorb shocks that had developed in the financial market.

Though four years have passed on, the lessons still remained to be learnt.

Spectrum Group conducted a study among these very rich who had suffered during the recession of 2009 and asked them if what they could have done differently in that crisis period. Top earners who make $750,000 pointed out that would have saved more during that phase. Other most popular answer that emerged from the study was to have done much research on the finances and of not having dependent much on the debts.

However, as a result of this financial crisis that hit in 2009, the wealthy lot has emerged as the top cash hoarders. American Express Publishing and Harrison Group conducted a study to understand the prevailing scenario and found that the saving rate of 1 percent of the wealthiest lot had increased by around 37 percent. This figure is up by 3 percent as compared to 34 percent in the second quarter of 2012. Much better, the figure is more than three times the saving rate of 2007.

Bank of America also had a study done to understand the scenario in the market. It found out that 56 percent of the millionaires had a fair amount of cash. Over 40 percent of the lot plans to invest during next two years giving rise to speculations that cash hoarding is a live reality among the rich.

The super rich consider it much better to invest in company or have stakes in the stock market to be on the safe side. However, the wealthy lot is treading a careful path and wish not to be witness to a situation that they saw in 2009.

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