The Castle Rogues Manor, Eureka Springs, Arkansas listed for $1.8 Million
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The Castle Rogues Manor, Eureka Springs, Arkansas listed for $1.8 Million

The Castle Rogues Manor, Eureka Springs, Arkansas listed for $1.8 Million

When one would think about the Eureka Springs, Arkansas, one wouldn’t usually have the pictures of a classic ambient castle in mind. But we were for sure in for a surprise, when the Castle Rogues Manor went on the market for a price of $1.8 million. Standing in the midst of dense greenery, the rather different structure and setting of the castle strikes one’s eyes easily, especially when the rest of the skyline around the area is noticed where the castle presents a Where to buy Xenical dapoxetine premature ejaculation review dapoxetine alternative dapoxetine online vertical dimension of aesthetic beauty. Though built as recently as 1985, this castle presents itself as an old world classic, albeit in a modern day scenario with

Listed Price: $1.8 million.

Setting and Location: Set in the Eureka Springs of Arkansas State, this castle-estate is surrounded by lush green vegetation, and a panoramic view of the city skyline encompassing some of nature’s best views with water bodies around. Where most of the housing around covers horizontal space, this castle as a sharp contrast with its vertical design, letting a total space of 15,000 sq ft spread out on 6 different floors of the main building. Along with this main house, there are 2 guard towers located in close proximity, where support staff can be accommodated. The formation of these towers is largely similar; though they are aesthetically different at the same time. But when one takes note of the overall appearance, it isn’t possible to ignore the obvious similarities to royal castles, especially those in the European countries.

One gets a feeling of true royalty looking at the artistry, grandeur and setting of the estate with special mention of its buildings, whose interiors include extensive detailing with heavy yet sophisticated upholstery and decoration. Areas like the formal dining room, bedroom, and most prominently the living room, all have been given classical touches of grandeur with leather covered cushioned seating, carved wooden furniture, elaborate candle stands, chandeliers, along with varieties of cutlery and crockery for each location. In short it captures the medieval cathedral style with a touch of buy Nolvadex modernity.

Castle Rogues Manor staircase area and bedroom

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Accommodation: 12 bedrooms with 13 bathrooms, 6-floor guard house, living room with modern entertainment gadgets at one hand and traditional fireplace on the other. Other than that, there are the plush formal dining room with elaborate cutlery and crockery, candle stands with grand carved wooden furniture covered in thick leather and cushions, bar and also the rounded stairwell to view the multiple floors. The adjoining structures act as space for support staff and guarding entourage if the resident chooses to have them. Perhaps one could even build a private observatory if support staff isn’t that large.

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Castle Rogues Manor dining room

Facts and Figures:

· Was built in 1985, and has been a popular venue for social gatherings such as weddings, receptions and group holidays.

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· Usually based on medieval cathedral style of architecture, it blends in modernity into the décor through modern gizmos and contrasting it with elements like a fireplace.

· Located in close proximity to Eureka Springs which is a major tourist destination for eateries and sightseeing.

· There are 12-bedrooms, 13 bathrooms along with the common areas like living room, dining room, and kitchen. There are also guard towers and gate keeper’s cottage alongside the main palace.


Rogue’s Purchase Retin-A Manor

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Phone No.: +1-800-250-5827.

Castle Rogues Manor exterior views

Via: Realtor/ Castle Rogues Manor

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