A cat scratching post to help your itchy friend

Andrea Divirgilio / July 30, 2011

Manufaktur cat scratching post with long lasting scratch protection

Keeping a pet is not an easy task, but if you do not mind spending a fortune on luxurious pet accessories then you must have seen the cozy loungers, hang-out spots or air conditioned pet house for your uber-rich pets. If you have a cat as a pet then here is some news for you, Manufaktur has created a beautiful scratching post designed skillfully to put your uber-rich pets in comfort and sumptuousness.

This cat scratching post is perfect for modern decor as it is made of fine wood and natural sisal that integrate to make an elegant design that you can proudly keep in your living area. This piece has minimal design on it and fulfills the complete function of a scratching tree for your cat.This Manufaktur cat paw’s dimensions are 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm, that provide a perfect resting place for any size of cat.

The scratching Quadrem is available in various finishes like beech, maple or oak and variety of colors are available to match to your décor. The piece is completely robust as material thickness of 4 inches is used in it and it also has two lounge areas for your cat. The lounge is covered with pure Wolllfilz in the thickness of 6mm to give full comfort and a stress-resistant support to your pet. As the basic problem with the starch posts is the marks that take away the glow of the finish of the furniture, this post is treated with hard wax finish to provide a long-lasting natural protection. The scratching Quadrem weighs 30 kg and costs $604.

Via: Richtig Teuer/Kratzpfote

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