Caterham R500
Caterham R500 | $ 600,000
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Caterham R500

Caterham R500

The Caterham R500 was launched in April 2008. The car is lightweight and gives good performance. The car weighs less because many of the comforts deemed unnecessary by the company have been removed. The Caterham R500 EVO is another model of the car. The price of the Caterham R500 is 36,995 pounds


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The interiors of the car incorporate carbon kevlar seats. The car also has new rear lights and carbon leather boot cover. The innovative dashboard of the car has features like key less ignition and is equipped with the stack display which provides the driver with scrolling text. The car also has the flush-fitted switch gear (that can help the user and provide enhanced functionality ) and the highly useful ACES sequential gear change lights. The quick release Momo Steering wheel is equipped with integrated indicator switches. Option of launch control and sequential gearbox is also present. The optional performance upgrades are also available if the customer wants them.


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The total weight of Caterham R 500 is 506 kgs. The use of carbon fiber goodies has helped in lowering the weight of the car. The body panels have been made with thinner gauge aluminum. Carbon fiber has been used in making front and rear wings, the nose cone and dash. These materials have helped in reducing the weight of the car and therefore the car has high power to weight ratio. The carbon winglets (at the front) along with the cats tongue(at nose cone's top ) help in reducing lift at high speeds. The carbon winglets increase the down force and the cat's tongue grill helps in giving the car better aerodynamics and cooling.

The car features the special developed-for-race Avon CR 500 tires which give better dry and wet performance and have been designed specially for the Caterham car. Performance of the car also gets improved with the suspension set-up that is equipped with fully adjustable dampers and weight saving aero wishbones.

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