Celebrities flipping homes for millions – The Top 4
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Celebrities flipping homes for millions – The Top 4

Celebrities flipping homes for millions – The Top 4

Wish to make some worthy money through house flipping. Real estate or house flipping has become popular among the wealthy and increasing number of celebrities are doing house flipping to make some extra bucks.

Below are listed some of the popular celebrities who have indulged in house flipping and gained significant fortunes from the same.

4.)    Meryl Streep

Meryl has recently become interested in house flipping. She bought an estate in Hollywood Hills in 2013 for $4.5 million and is ready to flip it now for $6.75 million. The house designed originally by Honnold and Rex has been redesigned by Xorin Balbes. This designer home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a pool and spa among other amenities. In all, Meryl has earned $2.2 million from house flipping.


3.) Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has been in house flipping since 2006 when she flipped a Beverly Hills mansion for $13.5 million. She then sold it off to Bill Gross for $35 million. She again bought an estate in 2012 for $21 million and flipped it for $40 million after some renovations. In all, Jennifer made a cool $13.5 million in house flipping.


2.) Ellen DeGeneres

If you think that Ellen is satisfied being America’s most celebrated television personality, you might be mistaken. Ellen is known to have keen interest in flipping homes. She has been doing this for last many years like Jennifer Aniston.

She bought a home in 2012 from Brad Pitt in Malibu for $12 million. She sold it off in 2013 for $13 million, a gain of $1 million which cannot be considered bad from any count. This year in January, Ellen sold off her mansion in Los Angeles for $55 million to Sean Parker. She had bought the home six months earlier for $40 million.

Ellen can truly be considered a great home flipper as she earned $15 million in six months only.


1.)    Jeremy Renner

Jeremy can undoubtedly be regarded as the leader in home flipping. He has bought and sold off 16 homes in the recent past. He sold an Art Deco Mansion in Los Angeles in 2010 for $24 million. Interestingly, Jeremy has bought this mansion for $7 million only and made $17 million in this house flipping deal.


The mansion was unique indeed as it had a theatre, outdoor pool, spa and a driveway. Not to forget its 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms along a range of other amenities.



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