Celebrity Homes for sale 2012
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Celebrity Homes for sale 2012

Celebrity Homes for sale 2012

It seems like the celebs are on a real estate selling spree. Tennis star Pete Sampras, and former Spice best price prednisone . instant shipping, non prescription prednisone online., cost of prednisone 20 mg 4 days ago get prednisolone eye drops  Girls Member, Mel B, Jim Carrey, George Harrison and Jack Nicholson have put up their luxurious abodes on the market, which should attract the most premium set of buyers that there are. What could be the reason for the sale is perhaps best known to them alone, but the looks of the properties convey that they boasts equal opulence and high aesthetics, just as their owners are known to be. Below are the details and some glimpses of these mansions going on sale.

Celebrity Homes for sale 2012

1). Pete Sampras- Thousand Oaks Mansion

Pete Sampras West Stafford Mansion

Price: $19.95 million

Address: 390, West Strafford Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Spread over 20-acres of nature endowed hill top space, this mansion has 16,000 sq ft of modern yet minimalistic real estate luxury to boast off. What makes it even more commendable, is that the tennis star was involved in the construction of this place, from ground up which speaks volumes for the passion the man has with what he involves himself with. This actually is on display in the modern yet minimalistic design of the place, with main attraction being the infinity pool, and the exterior view which includes mountains, lakes, and, and professional golf courses. Inside the apartment, one would have a professional grade tennis court, 2,000 sq ft private gymnasium, a 1,200 sq ft guest house, apart from the 7 lavish bedrooms with 11 bathrooms. In terms of fabrics, one would see a generous spread of rare woods such as teak, white oak, and Anigre varieties.
Pete Sampras West Stafford Mansion

Since the tennis turf is what Mr. Sampras generally likes, it seems he has ensured that perfect of surfacing in the stone path lawns, which sport a similar perfection of green grass on it.

2). Mel-B- San Fernando home

Mel-B- San Fernando home

Price: $3.45 million

Address: San Fernando, Los Angeles, California

Just like clothes and costumes, it just seems that the celebs have a penchant for changing homes as well. After staying for just 3 years, former ‘Spice Girls’ member, Melanie Brown (Mel B) is putting her San Fernando mansion up on the market for a suitable buyer. The one thing which strikes you about this property is that dapoxetine online without prescription in uk low prices, buying generic dapoxetine in england uk discount prices, buy dapoxetine in new york no  it has been on the market for quite a while now, and the price asked for by the star, hasn’t changed much though it will still give her something more than the cost to take back. On the outlook, there is 8,200 sq ft of living space in this French style house, with matching wood work, furniture and upholstery to go with it, including the elaborate chandeliers and specially crafted leather couches. The marble flooring adds to it as well. Apart from that, there is a swimming pool, movie theatre, media recording studio, a state of the art gymnasium, and of course, the classically done up 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

3). George Harrison’s sprawling Swiss mansion

Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison’s sprawling Swiss mansion, which he bought back in year 2001 for $10 million, got listed a few months ago. And, its sale is being handled by Wetag Consulting, an associate of Christie’s International buy valacyclovir online Real Estate.

George Harrison’s sprawling Swiss mansion

Address: Stately mansion is located in prestigious Montagnola, Switzerland.

The castle like structure boasts beautiful views of scenic Lake Lugano, the Swiss Alps and Monte Rosa. And, the 10,800 sq. ft main house boasts impeccable European craftsmanship and classic Palladian architecture, along with unique mosaic valtrex to buy, valtrex mg, buying valtrex, order valtrex, valtrex where to buy, buy valtrex uk, buy valtrex online canada especially flown from Hungary, Italy and France adorns the marble floors.

George Harrison’s sprawling Swiss mansion

Further, the entire house is tastefully adorned with frescoes, marble fireplaces, columns and boiserie paneling, along with a standout features like massive wine cellar, a Roman style swimming pool embellished with fountains and exquisite buy amoxil online, is generic amoxil over the counter at walgreens, generic amoxil 500 mg no prescription. statues.

George Harrison’s sprawling Swiss mansion

Accommodation: The 1.6 acre parkland that Harrison’s manor is built upon is remarkable in itself and an 1,800 sq. ft outbuilding bordering the village of Montagnola can act as staff quarters or a guesthouse. The house boasts 6 luxuriously decorated bedrooms estate, and also features a ‘charming miniature brick castle’ spanning 800 sq. ft.

George Harrison’s sprawling Swiss mansion

4). Jack Nicholson's A-List Aspen Mansion

A stately Victorian mansion owned by a three-time Oscar-winning legendary actor, Jack Nicholson is on the market for a cool $15 million. The actor known for his performances in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” actually bought this estate back in year 1980 with director sna music producer Lou Adler, and order Xenical online they remodeled the hokme in 1988.

Jack Nicholson's A-List Aspen Mansion

Address: This 19th century picturesque Victorian home is located in Aspen, Colorado.

Built in 1895, this stunning wood-frame “Newberry cheapest Asacol House” sits on a 12,000 sq. ft lot overlooking Hallam Lake in Aspen’s West End. The 5,789 sq. ft house boasts five full bedrooms and six bathrooms with deep green exteriors with white trim, and also features a large verandah and gabled roof.

Interestingly, this is the second home that Jack Nicholson put on the market in just under a year, as his Malibu Beach ranch got sold last year for under $3.5 million.

5). Jim Carrey’s Malibu Home

With funny face, witty nature and arguably the one of the funniest man in Hollywood, Jim Carrey has listed his Malibu Colony home for sale at a handsome price of $13.95 million. Originally, Jim bought buy zoloft online australia zoloft without prescription zoloft without prescription this home in back in year 2002 for $9.75 million.

Jim Carrey’s Malibu Home

Address: Jim Carrey home is located on one of the best sandy beaches in the celebrity-populated Malibu Colony.

Accommodation: The contemporary and spacious beach house of the most popular comedic actors of all time offers over 2,866 sq. ft of luxurious living space and includes an open living room, five bedrooms, five and half bathrooms, rooftop deck with spa and prime ocean views. The property boasts some notable features like the removable privacy walls, generous walk-in closets and an ocean-facing master suite with a fireplace and balcony.

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