Celsius all new LeDIX Eternel mechanical watch phone is a perfect horological gift
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Celsius all new LeDIX Eternel mechanical watch phone is a perfect horological gift

Celsius all new LeDIX Eternel mechanical watch phone is a perfect horological gift

The Celcius X V II, which we had earlier presented as a special edition for the Only Watch 2011, now gets a rechristened look in the form of the LeDIX Eternel mechanical watch phone. Though largely similar to what we previously saw the Only Watch version, the external portion of this edition receives a more blinged revision with diamonds and Titanium being used. Looks like this is what will set the horological geeks clamoring to set their hands on one of order Xenical online sep 9, 2006 - buy prozac without prescription, prozac recreational, purchase prozac online no prescription, buy generic prozac , prozac images , buy these.

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Celcius LeDIX Eternel phone watch

Very typical of the brand’s products, the black PVD coated Titanium body of the watch-phone retains a traditional signature of grandeur, with the fine quality finishing. With the 85-carat weight of the totality of the 308 diamonds, does indeed lend this blinged gadget a royal look. The cover sees the skeleton exposed on the dial cheap Baclofen of the timepiece, which displays the hours and minutes through white markings on what is presumably a black PVD coated dial. The skeleton displayed below, plenty of the high quality carved white gold which also has been used in many places inside. Some of the ‘cots’ which house a bunch of diamonds on the cover and inside, actually are held together with a lining of crafted white gold. Opening the flap, one would see the precious metal on the multiple keys, and also markings signifying each unit of the device. It’s also now known that it took the work of 35 craftsmen to create this masterpiece of a watch-phone.

Celcius LeDIX Eternel phone watch closeups

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On the technical standpoint, there have been some innovations by bringing on high-end mechanical power and electronic sources on a common platform, to empower this master watch. With Aciclovir without prescription ability to go on 100-hours with each recharge, we were left wondering as how do these guys really do it! But sure they have, and it all is as simple as flipping open and closing the flap, that will generate the necessary energy to run all functions in order. The only slight glitch, almost ignorable, is the 245 gram total weight of the watch. So, if you do think of getting the Celcious LeDIX Enternel as this year gift to someone who loves haute horologue, then be prepared to shell out $271,700 for each of them, only to end up envying it.

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