Celsius X VI II LeDIX Furtif tourbillon smartphone to sell at $300k

Andrea Divirgilio / March 9, 2012

We have spoken about the various luxury watch brands, for their signature styling and design apart from any abstract ones they may produce. One brand which competes in that league is Celsius, which has now become virtually synonymous with making mobile handsets with a tourbillon timepiece in it. Their previous exploits would include the LeDIX eternal mechanical and the Only Watch special edition 2011. Their latest becomes the LeDIX Furtif watch phone, which will be a bold step towards replacing the device’s components towards mechanical ones instead of the electronics based options. Of course, the revolutionary design comes with a $300,000 price tag.

Celsius X VI II LeDix Furtif watch phone

At the ongoing Baselworld 2012 event, where the finest across the world display their horological innovations, Celsius does end up making a pretty bold statement indeed. Going by what the co-founder of the company Edouard Meylan says, the Furtif will be the accessory for people who already have, or perhaps have the capacity to have everything in their life, or more simply, are rich enough. For this reason, a rare fabrication seems to have been used, which is carbon fiber and that too, in different textures across the device. Most of it comes with a brush finished matt texture, adding a high degree of sophistication. The craftsmanship is displayed the lugs across the phones lower end of the keypad. Which precious metal gets used here, is still not known.

Celsius X VI II LeDix Furtif watch phone

In terms of the mechanical watch, which is placed on the phone’s top flap, there are 700 parts used within its mechanical structure which includes a highly complicated mechanical tourbillon movement. The power generated within this movement is as unique as the overall ergonomics; a flip open or close and the watch’s movement is as back to full power. In future, this mechanism is also targeted towards enveloping the entire working process of the device, including the mobile phone. However, this one is a blend of both, along with some tech features like the 3.2 MP camera at the rear face. So much as been the popularity that 22 of the total 30 specimens to be produced have already been pre-sold and more seem to be coming in by the day.

Celsius X VI II LeDix Furtif watch phone

Via: PC Mag/ Slash Gear/ Celsius

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