Celsius X VI II one-off timepiece for Only Watch 2011 Auction
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Celsius X VI II one-off timepiece for Only Watch 2011 Auction

Celsius X VI II one-off timepiece for Only Watch 2011 Auction
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Celcius X VI II Watch

Only Watch 2011, which is to showcase 40 master watchmakers get Paxil and their limited edition timepieces, will feature this cross-breed masterpiece named Celsius X VI II. Bringing together brains of expertise like Celsius X VI II and Chronode, this one-off timepiece stands apart from competition for the sheer unique design qualities.

Made with the aim of combining mobile telephony and horological engineering, the watch comes in the shape of a standard flip mobile handset. The main functions on the dial, beginning with the dates, are displayed through prominent red bonnet across the dial, towards its lower section. The dates displayed are through a rotating disc which is in turn connected to the watch’s central mechanical movement, which coordinates to display the correct date through the display. The hour and minute hands are displayed towards the upper end of the dial, which has a black and white combination of markings. This section is empowered by the patented high performance caliber, which also empowers buy Asacol online the 72-hour power reserve indicator of the timepiece.

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The body of this uniquely designed timepiece uses high quality rare materials like PVD treated titanium, quartz fiber and rubber which adds to the overall appeal generic Propranolol and also to its tensile strength and longevity. Just like other timepieces at the Only Watch 2011 auction, this will also be a one-off piece which will be accompanied by its own set of accessories like docking station, hands free fit for a tie-pin style setup amongst others, all packed in a hand crafted ebony wooden box which operates with its own mechanical movements. The lucky winner of this phone-watch will not only be someone of decent riches, but also someone who has a taste for extraordinary design and style.

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Via: Watch Luxus

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