Celsius X VI II to unveil limited edition OptiC GMT mechanical phones

Andrea Divirgilio / December 21, 2012

Combining 21st Century mobile technology with centuries-old Swiss horological micro-mechanics, the creators of the first de luxe micro-mechanical mobile phones like the Celsius X VI II LeDIX Furtif tourbillion, the Celsius X VI II one-off timepiece, the LeDIX Eternel, whose every function operates mechanically through sole physical, human-generated energy rather than electronic power, the Franco-Swiss company Celsius X VI II is now expanding its eclectic range with more accessible, yet as original and innovative as ever, new collection called OptiC GMT. Scheduled to be unveiled at the prestigious Geneva Time Exhibition ‘GTE’ this January during the SIHH, the exclusively-new collection OptiC GMT is the second generation of Celsius X VI II’s mechanical phones that are truly a delightful synthesis of emotion and technology.

Celsius X VI II to unveil its new collection OptiC GMT at Geneva Time Exhibition

The OptiC GMT which is a 28-piece limited collection impressively features Celsius X VI II’s patented Butterfly Winding System and an amazing Image Guiding System.

Image Guiding System

Made of millions of parallel-moulded optic fibres, this unique Image Guiding System uses solely mechanical and optical components to transmit a GMT and date indication.

Image Guiding System

Notably, every single optic fibre transmits a pixel of light and it’s the combination of all the fibres that enables the system to transmit a clear image from one side to the other.

Image Guiding System

Interestingly, only a handful watchmaking companies have made commendable forays into the world of mobile phones, including Tag Heuer and Ulysse Nardin which offers a luxury hybrid smart phone that made waves for being the world’s first horologically inspired phone charged both by electricity and by the kinetic energy of a working rotor.

Via: Celsius X VI II

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