Century designs Wings of Time pendant jewellery watch
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Century designs Wings of Time pendant jewellery watch

Century designs Wings of Time pendant jewellery watch

Century design Wings of Time pendant jewellery watch

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They have been immortalized in works of art. Poets found in them inspirations for literary masterpieces. And now the bird, in all its vivaciousness and embodiment of free spirit, inspires an entire time piece collection. Dubbed Wings Of Time, Century, through its latest range of delicate jewelry watches, pays ode to the bird. A time piece, an expression of artistic brilliance, whichever way you look at it, the Wings Of Time pendant Jewelry watch is an ultimate show stealer.

The spectacular jewelry watch is the baby of Century’s master craftsmen, who conceived and developed an idea into a full grown time piece. The primary concept was to create a golden cage following the lines of Art Deco patterns. For those who did not know, Art Deco is a design style dating back to Paris of the 1920s. An internationally recognized art form, it has influenced major areas of design including fashion and jewelry, interior and industrial design. The celebrated design style has been reproduced in the most exquisite manner by Century’s skilled craftsmen. And now more about the intricate design, which makes the Century jewelry pendant watch all the more appealing to look at. generic of advair diskus buy advair diskus fluticasone online

The heart and soul of the timepiece lies in its caged bird

The golden cage features four opening windows, each of them set with a Century sapphire. The exquisite pieces are all issued from the Century workshops, polished and cut to perfection. The heart and soul of the timepiece, however, lies in its golden bird. Visible from all sides, the bird can be seen right through the Sapphire’s transparent body. The caged beauty, hand crafted in gold, cuts a soothing picture Fluconazole no prescription against the lavish backdrop of the ornamented cage.

In what can be described as a mark of skilled artistry, the piece, when pulled down, gives way for the dial and parts to appear from within the cage. The bird melts into the background, as the watch’s more technical components park themselves on its position. The creature now places itself in a space surrounded by the hours and minutes hands. The Wings of Fire collection is available in 18 karat red and white gold versions.

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The Mogul Alexandrite

Century timepieces featuring design extravagances remind us of another watch from the company’s stable. Named Mogul Alexandrite, the watches are designed specifically to resemble jewelry pieces. A rose cut cheap Colchicine added to its already enriched appeal. Featuring 192 facets, the exquisite design on the dial of the watch is entirely handcrafted. The result is a breath taking phenomena, wherein light penetrates the case only to rebound along the facets. Like Wings of Time, the Mogul Alexandrite is available in two variations-the white gold and red gold. 48 diamonds adorn the dial, with lugs, flaunting a claw like design, attaching it to the alligator strap.

Both the watches described above are completely in line with Century’s motto- "Beyond imagination". Breathing life into those ideas and imaginations, there is an army of skilled craftsmen, working day and night at the century workshops. Each and every century sapphire is hand polished and hand faceted for best effects. Wings Of Time is, therefore, a fine expression of dedication, order methotrexate online artistry and innovativeness.

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