Certified successor of cars coming in 2015, tube-travel underway
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Certified successor of cars coming in 2015, tube-travel underway

Certified successor of cars coming in 2015, tube-travel underway
acabion gtbo The idea does seem far-fetched, but former Porsche, BMW and Ferrari engineer Peter Maskus seems to be all set to revolutionize the future of transportation. His Swiss-based company Acabion imagines a “traffic internet” of vacuum tubes that will take people to anywhere on earth in less than an hour and around the globe in two hours. Now, that sounds implausible, but the vehicles capable of doing tube-travel are already in the works. By 2015, Peter Maskus hopes to see his "certified successor of cars" zipping around the cities. These vehicles are streamliners, superior land-speed racers that resemble motorcycles enveloped in fighter jets. Each Acabion will be designed to drive on any existing road and it can use any existing car mobility infrastructure system. Acabion is currently building the GTBO VIII “da Vinci,” a $15 million fully electric vehicle with a top speed of 375 mph, which they claim to be 20 times more efficient than the current EVs. Maskus says…
For production vehicles, the price will come down by reducing the overall exclusivity and by reducing the power from our today’s top-of-the-line 700 horsepower or 800 horsepower to standard regions, and of course by mass production.
By 2050, there will be new roadways too. There will be elevated, fully automated high-speed-tracks, with travel speeds around 300 km/h to begin with, going to about 600 km/h and more in the coming decades. All Acabion operation has been planned to be solar electric in 2050. Maskus said…
The speed potential of the Acabion is so dramatically higher than the speed potential of any car or motorcycle, that future perspective will most likely call for tracks allowing much more speed much safer than today’s highways do.
The Acabion can use vacuum tubes too. In 2100, Maskus thinks of vacuum tunnels that will cover long continental and intercontinental distances. There will be a network of intercontinental vacuum tubes — a traffic internet. At 20,000 km/h, San Francisco to Prague can be done in 25 minutes. Maskus further said…
Two tubes between New York and Paris, 1.5 meters in diameter each, maglev driven and fully automatic controlled, will move three times more people between America and Europe than all airplanes do today.
The Acabion GTBO has an engine from the Suzuki Hayabusa, and claims a top speed of 340 mph. It can get 100 mpg at 100 mph. To own one, you will need $2.5 million.
It is so comfortable that people would buy it even if the Acabion would just stand in the garage. Plus, as soon as you move it, you have the enormous effectiveness, whatever road you use.
Via: Wired
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