Cessna launches Citation M2 light business jet with all-new design & technology

Andrea Divirgilio / December 23, 2011

Cessna which has been producing luxury business jets for quite a while now, has now unveiled its new prototype-the Citation M2 business jet. Positioned in between the Mustang entry level, and the high-end MJ, the M2 acts a bridge between the classes by bringing in a set of new bunch of technology, and modern aesthetics for business travelers. Ideal for businesses that have top executives traveling in different continents on urgent trips, this aircraft can travel at a fairly decent speed of around 400 knots, enabling one to shuttle between destinations with ease, and the technology on board allows one to stay connected at all time.

Cessna Citation M2 light business jet

Fitted with the Garmin G3000 avionics suite, this aircraft can carry 6 passengers and 2 members of the crew over a distance of 2,408 kilometers at one go. Inside the suite include amenities like multi-functional touch screen entertainment and control systems, wi-fi internet access, Smartphone charging ports; advance TAWS (terrain awareness warning system, and weather radar which are extremely useful for the pilot and passenger during rough conditions. Also amenities like washrooms with solid doors, and leather upholstery come as a standard part of packing, all done in strict modern and sophisticated style of the high earning executive. The customers also have the option of selecting the fabrics and décor style themselves for a more personalized business jet.

Cessna Citation M2 light business jet

On the technical capabilities of the aircraft, there is the advantage of a very short take-off distance, just 3,250 feet which make it useful for areas that may not have long run ways. Also, while landing there should only be 2,640 feet of open space for the aircraft to touch ground smoothly. The engine fitted within the aircraft is a FJ44-1AP 21, which can generate the flight thrust of 1,965-lbs and take the jet to a height of 41,000 feet above the ground, in barely 24 minutes. This translates into a comparatively traffic free airspace to fly in, thus meaning a smoother and quick journey when needed be. The cost to be incurred for a standard unit is $4.2 million, but customizations and taxes could make some differences to it.

Also, if there are more decked options you are searching for, we suggest the Citation Ten jet and the Sierra Mustang Edition. These aircrafts are known for being even more upscale and premium in its features and amenities. However, this current aircraft should be seen by the 2nd quarter of 2013 when customers start receiving their deliveries.

Via: Cessna

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