Chance to get your own personal space station for $3 million

Andrea Divirgilio / January 7, 2012

Now that space travel is the latest craze amongst the rich folks, for their exotic vacations, every kind of gadgets and gizmos seem to be the latest hotcakes for the taking. After we had told you about the futuristic Galactic Space Hotel which would be open for business from this year onwards, it’s time for the space addicts to own their own space station, for a price of $3 million. With a capability to withstand a nuclear blast, this property is known to have its own 3-bedroom apartment, as well as the main observatory which was witness to the first images of the 1969 Apollo landing.

Jamesburg Space Station

Address: 18,773 Cachagua Road

The Jamesburg space station was built in the 1960’s across a space of close to 160 acres of land. It included the main observatory, the 5-storey antenna with worldwide broadcasting capabilities, a helipad and also a 3-bedroom home. But since it was period when the Russian nuclear threat was perceived to be at large, there were special arrangements to ensure that the entire property could withstand a blast of 5 megatons, which was the capability of most atomic bombs of that age.

On the campus, the buyer will also have a basketball court and 2 wells to draw water from, along with inlaid optic fiber OC-48 cabling to ensure that if there needs to be an important broadcast, it can be done so without any glitches whatsoever. Looking at all the details, this station looks like an ideal investment for the discerning space enthusiast, who might want to even run his own TV station from the premises. The Milky Way Galaxy viewing is of course the complementary aspect.

Via: KSBW/ JamesBurg

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