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Chanel Launches its Most Expensive Perfume $4,200

Ray Arnab / June 14, 2013

Channel is arguably one of the most recognised and known perfume brands across the globe. Channel 5 has been one of the flagship perfumes of the fashion house and even Marilyn Monroe  have been reported to say the famous lines ‘What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.’ That unsolicited statement from one of the biggest Glamour queens of Hollywood not only provided immense publicity to the brand, it also sky-rocketed their brand value and made it an almost household name across the globe. Chanel 5 and their other fragrance as well as other fashion products became a symbol of style and fashion.Grand Extrait

Chanel has recently unveiled the Grand Extrait, a new perfume edition of the iconic Chanel 5, but the price has been raised to a staggering 2732.24 GBP or a shade over 4,200 USD. The Grand Extrait edition of Chanel 5 is dubbed as a collectible and rare limited edition fragrance. The limited edition fragrance release is supposed to be encased in a special glass bottle and encased in a hand-crafted box. The bottle will contain 30 ounces of Chanel 5 perfume which is around 800 grams, and cost slightly more than 4,200 USD. A smaller version may be available for 2,100 USD.

According to Chanel the bottle for the Grand Extrait edition of the perfume will be the most collectible form as it will be the rarest piece sample of art and expertise in glass bottles. The bottle is reported to be crafted in a mould with help from a specialised glassmaker. The bottle is further encased in a case that is hand assembled and artisan crafted. The whole set is a collectible item according to experts.

With 4,200 USD as the price tag, the Grand Extrait surely becomes the most expensive perfume from the Chanel perfumery. The earlier most expensive Chanel perfume was sold at 1366 GBP or 2140 USD for 7.5 ounces, which is almost half the price of this edition of Chanel 5. A normal Chanel 5 is available for grabs at the Duty Free shops for a price of slightly over 100 USD or 67 GBP. Overall the Grand Extriat becomes one of the world’s most expensive perfumes and definitely the most expensive perfume from the house of Chanel.

With Chanel think tanks focussing and believing that a perfume is a seduction between a man, a woman and the perfume. They also wanted Chanel 5, one of their leading fragrance, to be one of the collectible item as well.

They also roped in famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt for a eye popping fee of 67 million USD to feature in Chanel fragrance advertisements. He joins an impressive list of Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou and Catherine Deneuve and also Marilyn Monroe who have endorsed Chanel fragrances. He is also one of the few male stars that have been roped in to promote female beauty products.

But this change in point of view and offering a man to speak about woman’s perfume is refreshing, and specially for the most expensive Chanel perfume, who else could it be other than Brad Pitt.

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