Chapeau exclusive embellished wine closures: A hat to the wine bottle

Andrea Divirgilio / June 26, 2010

wine closures
These stunning Chapeau exclusive wine closures are the latest in the wine accessories. These Chapeau exclusive wine closures “chapeau de Vin” by Cullmann are sure to become a classic addition for every gourmet. The embellished design is perforated to keep the flies away and keep the wine ventilated. The small, golden ring of Chapeaus fits with a diameter of 17 mm on each bottle. The handmade unique items are available in three variants: rose gold and diamonds version, yellow gold with diamond and platinum and yellow gold with diamond. The platinum version is the priciest of all with a $5,566 price tag, rose gold version sells for $4,453 and the yellow gold version sells for $2,845.

Via: Cullmann

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