Charity Auction on eBay for Lunch With Jack Dorsey to promote entrepreneurship

Andrea Divirgilio / May 10, 2013

Though the world has more uber rich people gaining in numbers each day, the numerous social causes seem to exist in similar intensity. In order to divert the much needed funds for the causes, some celebrities have gone ahead and given their time for special dining events. We recently saw the Tim Cook coffee date auction, and the Warren Buffett lunch auction which fetched large bids, eventually meant to be donated for social causes. Now Dorsey and Build.Org have joined hands to auction an unique item, the ‘Lunch with Jack Dorsey’, which will let 7 lucky people dine and discuss the current business eco-system with the entrepreneur credited with being one of the co-founders of Twitter, and the current CEO of Square. The auction carries on from May 6 to May 16 this year, after which the winning lucky bidders will be having lunch in San Francisco with Dorsey. The aim of course if to gather funds for Build.Org, which is working to impart entrepreneurship education to high school students, in order to decrease their drop-out rates.

eBay and are jointly auctioning lunch with Jack Dorsey, to raise funds for a charitable cause

Jack Dorsey had gained fame for being one of the co-founders of Twitter, and then later remains in the background of news because of his work in Square, where he remains the CEO currently. Now that he has gained fame, and the people are looking for opportunities to be with him to discuss professional avenues, the expected bids for his charity lunch is expected to be rather aggressive, hence necessary precautions will taken. ‘Kompolt’, which handles the power lunch with Warren Buffett auction, which will taking care of the pre-qualification stage, whereby only a handful of candidates will be selected to bid for the lunch auction. Though the bid has started for a sum of $5,000, the figures are certainly expected to rise, as the public would definitely look to divert their funds genuinely to legal and social channels.

Perhaps, Jack Dorsey’s involvement with the Build.Org charity, will do a lot of good to stop high-school teenagers from discontinuing their education abruptly. It is actually reported that 99% of those complete Build, get accepted to colleges, and 94% of these students end up getting their degrees. One could very well conclude, that such a spirit would enhance the labor force in the country, and do something to revive the glory days of the US economy once again.

Via: Build / eBay

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