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Charlie Baker E-Yacht concept for high-end cruising executives

Andrea Divirgilio / October 21, 2011

Charlie Baker E-Yacht

Charlie Baker is a new fish in the sea of yacht designers which we see. After a recent stint as an intern with Tim Saunders Yacht Design in Turkey, the designer has created a rather refreshing idea: the E-Yacht concept, catering to the high-end frequent travelling executive. On a project stint in China, he had discovered that a lot of yacht owners are entrepreneurs who ferry their guests and hold meetings, while being on board, so his idea was to cater to this segment of consumers.

Since ‘sleek’ and ‘slim’ are in, Mr. Baker has used a Ramform Banff hull, which is 46 meter in length but has more judicious use of space aboard the yacht, making the E-yacht appear longer and spacious than it might be. Meeting and boardroom with spacious corridors, along with amenities for guests’ and owner’s bedroom with Jacuzzi fitted bath-rooms, spa, gymnasium, and even Cinema Theater have been given their generous share of the yacht’s limited space. After all, it isn’t easy to fit in more than 12 guests and staff members on board so easily! Just like the fluid and futuristic external hull shape, the interiors feature the same tone of the theme. The amenities we mentioned are pretty much endowed with most luxurious features, but definitely tell you that they are meant for the future.

Charlie Baker E-Yacht

As for the engine, there will be a hybrid version of a diesel-electric machine that shall help reduce carbon emission without compromising on the power to take this vessel ahead, at fairly decent cruising speeds. With what we hear from him, Mr. Baker is now working on further platforms and varied shipping yards around the world to come up with new such concepts. For those who are fans of such water vessels, please do take a look at the Flaming Ice luxury yacht and also the Proxima concept. We guess they make fairly decent competition.

Via: CB Yacht Design

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