Chill-Pool is the new generation of Stainless Steel Pools for luxury homes

Andrea Divirgilio / October 1, 2012

Traditionally, the Japanese stainless steel soaking tub is cleverly designed to stimulate all your senses and help you relax in the hot tub, while the American idea is to chill in the whirlpool. The CHILL-Team’s has redefined the American whirlpool, giving it a new shape as well as function, with its Chill-Pool. The Chill-team in collaboration with Together with GP design partners from Vienna, has designed a new generation of the American whirlpool for private homes. “Whirling” is a thing of the past – nowadays, people “CHILL”.

Stainless Steel Hot Tub

The tub is entirely made of stainless steel. The tub is weatherproof and resistant against frost at the same time, which makes it perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. The chill-pool features 2 loungers and 4 seats, and is provided with sparkling air and massage nozzles in the area of the loungers. The pool also features lightings on front- and backside and 2 LED spots on the inside of the basin. Besides, many different designs to complement the perfect paneling for your house and garden, the pool and spa can be loaded with technology and luxury features to suit individual needs. The dimensions of the pool are 240 x 240 x 85, so relaxing in a jacuzzi or chilling out at the pool isn’t any longer a choice the luxury home owners will have to make on a daily basis.


Another minimalist yet beautifully contoured, stainless steel bathtub, we have seen in the bathroom collection, is the Tub-E electronic bathtub by Wild Terrain Designs, which boasts a fascinating bucket design and a sturdy stainless steel staircase leading to the top of the bathtub.

Portable hot tubs

The other luxury options for luxury homes includes, Zucchetti.Kos Minipool overflowing bathtub and in-house KOS farway pool with underwater illumination.

Via: Chill Pool

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