Chinh Chu | $ 1.1 Billion
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Chinh Chu Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 1.1 Billion
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Born on: 27th Jun 66 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Founder and Chairman of Inc, Philanthropist
Chinh Chu net worth is estimated at $1.1 billion. The Senior Managing Director and Co-Chairman of The Blackstone Group which he joined in 1990. Mr Chu has headed the following largest private-equity deals: the purchase of water-treatment and process chemicals company Nalco from French conglomerate Suez for more than $4 billion; the purchase of Celanese, a German-based chemical company, for $3.8 billion; and the pending acquisition of SunGard, an $11.7 billion transaction. Chinh Chu net worth came from his work as  Senior Managing Director and Co-Chairman of The Blackstone Group which he joined in 1990.   Chu’s success is because of his ability to transcend adversity, graduating summa cum laude from the School of Management in 1988. He first worked at Salomon Brothers for two years-his first step to Chinh Chu net worth. He is a native of Vietnam but was force to leave his country with his four siblings, mother and grandmother in 1975. They moved to Hawaii, where Chu’s father had studied medicine but eventually transferred to Queens, N.Y. At an early age Chu has read books about economics and entrepreneurism in his free time that made him fascinated in the world of finance. He was a working studentwhile in college where he sold books door-to-door for Southwestern Co. Mr Chu has became a passionate philanthropist intent on giving back to the country of his birth and its poorest citizens. In 1999 he and his sister living in Brooklyn raised $20,000 from friends and family, and used it to distribute rice, noodles and blankets to flood victims in villages across Vietnam - all these added a cute charisma to Chinh Chu net worth.  
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Chinh Chu Estates and Homes (1)

Trump World Tower

The monolithic Trump World Tower on First Avenue, Trump's duplex penthouse with 34 rooms, 14,864 square feet, 12 bedrooms and 16.5 bathrooms. Blackstone President Chu Chinh, a maestro of the corporate equity biz bought the tower several years back where the 89th and half of the 90th were occupied by Chu and his family.

Chinh Chu Private jets (1)

Chinh Chu private jet

The couple has been using their private jet in their vacations and charity works. On the photos the couple spent several days in Milan, Italy and then flew to Monaco, French.

Chinh Chu Cause (1)

Ha Phuong Foundation and Vietnam Relief Effort Foundation

The main target of Ha Phuong Foundation and Vietnam Relief Effort is to do humanitarian works, generally speaking is to help the poor and miserable, the misfortune, the disabled and those who are living in bad situation. The difference of these two foundations is that Ha Phuong Foundation mainly targets to provide extreme support and caring to those who would like to become the artists or any unlucky and disabled artist in need of help. Besides that, Ha Phuong Foundation provides and supports for those who self-reliant and lack of asset but want to improve their live.

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