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Chris Craft’s Corsair 36 European Edition is all about modern craftsmanship

Andrea Divirgilio / May 1, 2012

Chris Craft who had earlier delivered his specimens of modern designs in speed boating, like the Silver Bullet Tender Yacht, has now drafted the Corsair 36 European edition yacht, which is another way the discerning modernist fancies his toys. Being in business since 1874, they have bought in luxury boating and customized designs to a large section of people, and the Corsair 36 European edition is another such prime specimen of the company. Utility of space, soothing textures with high quality fabrics, and a power packed performance engine are the main strong points of this vessel and should definitely turn a few rich heads in its favor.

Corsair 36 European edition tender yacht

When speaking about speedboats, how can the engine ever be secondary? Hence to satisfy one of a speedy thrill in the waters, there are a set of Volvo V8 engines, which generate 840 HP of output with the capability to ride at speeds of up to 42 knots. Though engine performance might not be as optimum at the highest speed, but the occasional high speed racing should be a complete breeze on the speedboat.

Corsair 36 European edition tender yacht stateroom

These days, even the smaller boats are about spaces and experiences. The qualities of both are deeply interrelated, and each vessel would figure out in the list of its buyers only if it manages to cater to their luxury thirsts. On the exterior one can notice the opulent use of teak wood lining, which majorly retains the natural patterns, albeit with the glossy and smooth finishing, especially around the open deck area.

Corsair 36 European edition tender yacht stateroom

On interior suite area, there are generous linings of mahogany wood, in a slightly darker shade with smooth veneering on it. The walls and cupboards use the special fabric in tandem with the blue fiberglass surfaces such as the modular electrically operated table and the convertible queen sized bed. Due to unique designing, the space utilization has been optimum, which can house 4 passengers in there with ample comfort. For those looking to gaze the skies at night, there is a transparent sunroof made with Solex glass, which also doubles up as a protection should the weather become unsuitable outside. Within the confines of the suite, there is also a fully equipped bathroom area with shower space to clean up. With the limited spread area, the Corsair 36 does manage to provide all luxuries one could seek on the vessel. Do check out the gallery after skip for greater detail.

Via: Chris Craft/ Unfinishedman

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