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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 80 Million
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Born on: 30th Jan 74 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor
Christian  Bale net worth is estimated at $80 million. From a child star, he has grown to a megastar winning Oscar awards. His flair for getting easily into the shoes of defined roles like Bruce Wayne in 'The Dark Knight' and John Connor in 'Terminator Salvation' or a bewildering array of roles like a crazy yuppy, a completely drugged and confused boxer or a chronic insomniac shot him to fame and stardom. Besides being ranked as one of the 100 sexiest men in movies, he has created his own signature and enigma being thoroughly male and not getting into romantic roles either on screen or off. He is one of the very few hollywood stars who is a one woman man and whose name doesn't appear much in gossip columns. He has also earned a name for committing completely to his role. This has seen him go on crash diets for the movie 'The Machinist' and crazy hairstyles in 'The Fighter' to extreme tanning for his role in 'American psycho'.   a portion of Christian  Bale net worth came from his salary for 'The Dark Knight' in 2008 amounting to $10,000,000. His net worth is approximately $60 million. Christian Bale insists that all hollywood stars are not wealthy and that he was on the verge of financial ruin in 2003 and took up a film role just to keep his head above water. He disclosed this in a special interview with the magazine 'Details'. He shared ownership with a house in Manhattan Beach that was later sold.   Though Christian Bale is easily in the top ranking bracket with a fantastic salary, he seems to lead a quiet lifestyle with his wife, daughter and pets in California. Not letting the media into his private life, Chris seems to spend his time working hard on his roles and various organizations committed to social causes. Most of them are causes related to animals or children like Ark Trust, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Foundation, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, Redwings Sanctuary and Happy Child Mission. These endeavor added charisma to Christian  Bale net worth. Christian Bale is a very modest star who does not intend changing his lifestyle because he is a celebrity. He lives in a simple one-bedroom house, does not even have a cell phone, goes to the supermarket for shopping and owns an old black BMW 325i car which fans get irritated with. He is so uninterested in leading a lavish lifestyle, that he even turned down staying in a luxury villa while shooting for 'Public Enemies' says director Michael Mann.   A very talented and fanatically committed actor who learnt dancing and martial arts, Bale went to the point of losing nearly 63 kgs to enact the role in The Machinist perfectly. For this he was living on apples, lattes, salads and chewing gum. He picked up accents very easily and won over 4000 other auditions for Steven Spielberg's 'Empire of the sun when he was 13 years old and won a citation for the best performance. He is also a very good horseman, an avid reader and loves playing video games like Super Mario. A brilliant and very independent artist who has almost become a cult figure attracting even kids, ever since he started the Batman series. His fans call themselves 'Baleheads'. He is a one- woman man, married to Sibi Blazic and having a daughter Emmaline, the heir to Christian  Bale net worth who was  born on 27th March 2005. He is an animal activist who was a vegan for nearly 20 years. He lives with his family in California and being an animal lover has 2 dogs and 3 cats which were all strays.
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Christian Bale Autos and Cars (1)

1999 Mercedes C43 AMG

Christian Bale drives 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG

The name Mercedes-Benz immediately conjures up a swanky luxury dream car, but the C43 is different in that as it is valued more for its performance. This silver colored beauty borne on 17" alloy wheels has the same classy looks as other Benz's except for the twin exhausts that are edged with chrome and bears the AMG insignia. The powerful 4.3L V8 engine produces 302 hp and a torque of 302 lb/ft. The black and silver cabin boasts of exclusive, warmed, sports seats that can accommodate four persons easily. Five speed automatic transmission with anti-lock brakes and ESP stability makes it more a drivers' car.

Christian Bale drove up for BAFTA in his newly acquired Benz C43, much to the relief of his fans who were used to seeing him in his old 1995 BMW 325i. Flamboyancy has never been one of his virtues and he doesn't care to spin around in the typical 'celeb cars' though he can afford a couple of them!

Christian Bale Cause (1)


Christian Bale and many other celebrities supports Greenpeace program including famous musician Bono.

Greenpeace is an independent organization tackling various issues all over the globe to make a greener and cleaner earth. It has been campaigning for cleaner oceans, air, more greenery and conservation of forests and energy since its inception in 1971. Unlike many other organizations, Greenpeace is funded by individuals and other grants, not aided by governments. In fact, Greenpeace challenges government policies that ruin the environment and its citizens. Christian bale is a staunch supporter of this organization. He has even taken personal interest in visiting the victims of the recent horrific killing in the movie theater in Colorado.

Christian Bale Brands (1)

Giorgio Armani

The eminent American actor, Christian Bale seems to be a great fan of Giorgio Armani brand

The eminent American actor, Christian Bale seems to be a great fan of Giorgio Armani brand, as  he has been spotted recently in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" dressed up in the brand’s designer clothing. 

Known for its superior design and relevant themes, Giorgio Armani has become one of the strongest and most respected fashion and luxury brands in the planet. Featuring a true sense of aesthetics, beauty and luxury, the brand’s clothing is a hot favorite among the celebrities.

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