Christie’s to Auction Giant Egg From Extinct Elephant Bird For Around $45,000

Andrea Divirgilio / March 29, 2013

For those who collect earth’s pre-historic memorabilia, the era when the dinosaurs survived hold a special meaning. It was then, that a large species of animals existed, which later became extinct due to various natural reasons. Nicolas Cage is one such personality who is known to have a wide collection of such pre-historic artifacts, and its not just him that spends premium cash to own these things. We have seen the dinosaur egg sale via Bonham’s Natural History auction in 2009, and the $1 million Tyrannosaurus skeleton which went on sale last year. This year, a giant egg from an extinct elephant bird will go under the hammer (not literally!) during a Christie’s event. The estimated value of this rare egg is $45,000, but with the craze among the niche natural history collectors, the barrier could go further.

Giant elephant bird egg

The mentioned elephant bird egg is approximately 1 foot long, and 9-inches in its diameter. This means that the fossilized egg was almost 100 times larger than the normal egg we generally consume everyday.

Giant elephant bird egg comparison with a normal one

The egg’s history dates back to a specific species of elephant birds, which became extinct several hundreds of years ago, and were known to be the size of a giant ostrich. They grew to be around 11-feet high, and were primarily vegetarian animals whose diet comprised mainly of fruits. However, this one fossilized egg has managed to survive the ages and will see itself in the possession of a new owner when Christie’s auctions it at the ‘Travel, Science, and Natural History Sale’ on April 24 this year in London.

Giant elephant bird egg

Via: Huffington Post/ Calgary Herald

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