Chrome cars – The car customization trend with the super rich
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Chrome cars – The car customization trend with the super rich

Chrome cars – The car customization trend with the super rich

Chrome Cars

Car customization dates back to the pre-World war era in the history of the automobiles. The origin of the car customization was driven by the desire order Aciclovir online of the rich and the famous to pimp their rides, to make a style statement with their custom cars, and differentiate their ride from the other luxury rides. And, then there were those cars, which were modified mainly to soup-up their specification, which popularized street rods and hot rodding as a full-fledged business. The first hot rods date back to pre-World War II, with modified cars to include a more powerful engine and other engine modifications for a better performance. The hot rods and the custom cars have always been differentiated with their ideologies.

The use of of Chrome in Car customization

Car customization has become a major trend by 1960s. One trend that became popular with the custom-made vehicle aficionados was the use of chrome in the cars. Chrome has become one of the most popular metal surfaces, and also used in car accessories. Chrome plating, defined as the technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object, was done to make the car aesthetically pleasing and durable by making it corrosion resistant, and increase surface hardness.

The rise of chrome as a customization trend in custom cars

Car tuners popularized the use of chrome in the cars from using it in chrome grills, rims and wheels to purchase orlistat wrapping up the whole car in chrome. The shining chrome rim has become the staple of the motorcycle and automobile world in 1990s, and had become a hit with the uber-rich, who had money to splurge on getting their rides differentiated from the other cars. Besides giving a glamorous look to the cars, chrome as a metal has other benefits, owing to the presence of nickel, copper, and chromium, which makes it easy to clean the dust, and keep the allure intact for a long time. The versatility, beauty, durability all made it one of the most popular metal surfaces used in the automotive industry.

We have listed some of the most beautiful all-chrome cars to feast your eyes. The list includes every other luxury car plated in chrome from the chromed zoloft price at cvs zoloft price costco generic zoloft car specially designed for Elton John’s charity foundation to the custom made chromed cars of the uber-rich.

1) Chrome Mercedes SLR McLaren

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

The luxurious sports car McLaren Mercedes SLR is one of Brabus' latest tuning project. The car was given a full chrome treatment, complete with 20-inch chrome wheels and chrome tinted windows. subtly redone what should i do ? there are more than 30 different generic types of fluoxetine in the 20 milligram but usually, they do look different from brand name drugs. acquire fucidin from the inside out. This all-chrome McLaren is reportedly owned by an Arab and was spotted outside the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

Another chrome Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was seen on the roads with Blackburn Rovers' football club striker, El Hadji Diouf, behind the wheels of a £420,000 blinged-up Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

2) BMW M3 Chrome Edition

BMW M3 E46

This all-chrome BMW is owned by a Canadian businessman. The E46 M3 has been modified inside out with a Flossman GTR-style wide body kit, and a supercharged six motor engine to fit the car of his dreams!

3) Chromed Audi R8 Spyder

Audi R8 Spyder

The elegant chromed Audi R8 Spyder was specially designed to benefit Elton John’s charity foundation. The chromed Audi has been auctioned at the 13th edition of Sir Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball event this year for a price of $400k. The car has been finished with a special satin chrome finish and it adorns a high-end spec list.

4) 50 Cent’s Chrome Lamborghini Murcielago

50 Cent Lamborghini Murcielago

50 Cent too owned a shining Chrome Lamborghini Murcielago, which ultimately he got bored of and put it up on eBay for auction. The chrome Lamborghini featured a custom sound system, rare chrome paint, and custom black rims, and was with fedex. buy baclofen paypal o buy baclofen from a usa pharmacy without a prescription buy baclofen online with overnight delivery sold off for $310,000.

One all-chrome LP640 drop-head coupe was also spotted in London traffic.

5) Chrome Ferrari 599

Ferrari 599

The Chrome Ferrari 599 was spotted with a Arabic number plate, obviously it belong to a oil-rich sheikh in Saudi Arabia.

6) Chrome Chevrolet Corvette by Czech tuner

Chrome Chevrolet Corvette

The Czech tuning company, wrapped up this Chevrolet Camaro SS in chrome vinyl with special LSD doors.

7) Chrome Hummer H2 by CFC

Chrome Hummer H2

If you have been thinking that SUVs don’t fall in this category, then check out this glamorous Hummer H2 finished in chrome by Tuner CFC from Weilheim Germany. The modified Hummer features its hood covered with a black carbon finish, and light-alloy tyre rims.

8) Range Rover Sport HSR by Revere London

Range Rover Sport HSR

Bespoke Vehicle Tuners, Revere London, are well-known for designing the most exclusive Range Rovers in the world. This specific Range Rover Sport TDV8 was given an all chrome wrap. The details include 22? Revere WC1 Mayfair Black cvs pharmacy generic lipitor basics walmart price for clomid ring-adjacent methods may never try the can i order prednisone online exploring courts second :  wheels, HSR styling system complete with fog lights and exhaust tailpipes, color coded lamps, front LED headlights, SW1 side vents and grille, bespoke diamond stitch bull-hide leather interior amongst other highlights.

9) Chrome Bentley Continental GT

Chrome Bentley Continental GT

This chrome Bentley buy Viagra Gold Continental GT is probably one of the most beautiful chrome cars, designed by Chrome & Carbon.

10) Chrome plated Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper

Ian Grice, a London-based builder gifted this chromed Mini Cooper as a Valentine's Day gift to his wife. The chrome car turned out to be way more expensive later, as the insurance agencies prozac price, coupon. australia, uk , us, usa. discount prozac. purchase prozac for sale. where can i buy prozac online. online buying prozac hcl. companies denied covering it on the grounds that it’s too fragile and will get scratched and scuffed too easily.

The chrome cars listed above reinstates chrome as one of the finest metals to match with the automobile tuners to match the refined taste of the super rich. And, also for those who think an all-chrome car is a little too flashy, chrome accessories still do a great job in pimping out a dull ride. And, that is why the chrome applications in the automobile industry are carried out worth several hundred million dollars.

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