Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6
Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 | $ 456,950
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Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6

Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6

The Crossfire SRT6 has judiciously proven itself every time whether it performed on or off the track. It was truly one of the most charming and pleasingly balanced performance vehicles which had been ever produced by the SRT. Right from its awesome powerful supercharged V-6 engine, which was reputed as the only forced-induction engine powerplant offered by the SRT to the car’s sturdy race-bred chassis, typical benchmark braking system and advanced performance-oriented refinements in exterior and interior, the Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 always offered an all-around performance which came in a distinct package for the esteemed Chrysler brand. The Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 Roadster and Coupe models exhibited the super refined, and a sophisticated level of practical performance, which was a true characteristic and identity of the Chrysler-brand SRT vehicles.


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Inside the Chrysler Crossfire SRT6, you can find exclusive first-class performance-themed appointments spread throughout the interior. An instrument cluster was well aligned to immediately point to the car’s high performance characteristics. Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 came with race-inspired seats, which were designed to offer increased support for your everyday driving, along with giving a spirited and elated on-track driving performance. The Nappa Pearl Leather seats feature an enhanced grip, by the courtesy of the Alcantara inserts and bolsters. The logo “SRT6” is embellished on the headrests.


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Race-inspired exterior delivered enhanced performance results for the charming Chrysler Crossfire SRT6. The car came with a fixed rear spoiler resulting in minimized lift and enhanced aerodynamic balance effects at super high speeds. A “chin” spoiler was integrated in the front fascia which reduced lift effect and provided greater amount of cooling air flow directed to the front bakes. The Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 also featured a new body-color windshield surround.

Crossfire SRT6 is readily available in four premium colors including Aero Blue, Graphite Metallic, Black and Sapphire Silver Blue Metallic. Brilliant performance-tuned dampers and Michelin brand Pilot Sport high performance tires further contributed heavily to the Crossfire SRT6’s superb handling characteristics. Also available was an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) tuned mainly and specifically for enhanced spirited driving rounds. Nice and unique 15-spoke performance-oriented SRT aluminum alloy wheels added up to the SRT6’s performance characteristics.

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