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United States
Net Worth $ 17 Million
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Born on: 25th Oct 85 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, model
Ciara net worth is estimated at $17 million.  Harris, best known by her stage name "Ciara" is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and fashion model. Ciara net worth came from her works including singing, songwriting, record producing, dancing, acting and fashion modeling. She started as a song writer,  her first was "Got Me Waiting" for singer Fantasia Barrino's album "Free Yourself" which was also her first step to Ciara net worth. She  went on  and was signed by LaFace Records' famous record executive L.A. Reid which augmented Ciara net worth. Ciara is one of the famous personalities who has established herself in almost all the fields in Hollywood. She is a song writer and a singer but is also described to be a terrific dancer and an actress as well. Being an actress, it is important for her to be presentable anytime and anywhere and Ciara does it with utmost perfection. Her dress, hair and her over all personality makes her an extremely attractive person - all these added a cute charisma to Ciara net worth. She has her own style that brings boldness to her character. This Austin girl has made rigid place for herself in the industry and performs her best to make herself more versatile.  
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Disco diva outfit


Ciara conquered the ramp during one of her gigs. She was totally in her groove dancing till the world ends. What caught the attention of this diva was her outfit. She wore a dazzling metallic colored knee length dress. The dress was perfectly designed with a band of white, gold and silver stripes placed on the midriff, the end and the sleeves part of the dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her attire and sensational with her attitude.

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