Cimon Art launches crystallized LEGO holiday train sculptures
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Cimon Art launches crystallized LEGO holiday train sculptures

Cimon Art launches crystallized LEGO holiday train sculptures

Cimon Art

As the holiday season keeps getting closer and closer, streets are decked up with lights and stores are filled with expensive gifts. Crystals that are never out of fashion are the most common gift items during festive season, but are usually appreciated by certain age groups only. Hence, it becomes really difficult to choose gifts for children, but LEGO that is widely known for making blocks for kids, has created some fantastic crystal items in collaboration with Cimon art. Cimon art has launched 2 unique crystallized LEGO holiday train sculptures that can make a perfect Christmas gift. The simple LEGO trains have been decked into colored crystals by the famed artist Cimon to create a perfect dazzling combination. Two trains i.e. The Gold Express and the Silver Steam have been created by the artist for holiday collectibles.

The Gold Express train

The Gold Express train is 40 inches long, 5 inches tall and includes an engine with two passenger carriages. The holiday freight carriage is filled with gifts and holiday trees. The train is painted in golden color and is adorned with crystals. The track is made of transparent plastic material on which the structure moves. The structure is made from LEGO bricks. The train is available on

The Silver Steam is a bit longer than the golden train as it measures 44 inches and 5 inches tall. The train includes the engine, one passenger carriage and two holiday freight carriages filled with gifts, holiday trees. The train is constructed from LEGO bricks. Painted in red and decked with ample colorful crystals, the train is available at eBay and retails at $3,000.

Love to the Rescue.

Few days ago, LEGO in collaboration with Cimon art created a sculpture (above) known as Love to the Rescue. The sculpture has been inspired by the relief efforts undertaken for the rehabilitation of those affected at the recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. This crystallized sculpture is valued at $40,000 and was up for auction for the Gabrielle Angel Foundation annual ball.

Besides, the company has also created a limited edition series of Chantecaille fragrance bottles for Christmas gift giving.

Via: Cimon Art

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