Cintia Dicker | $ 5 Million
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Net Worth $ 5 Million
Cintia Dicker
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Born on: 6th Dec 86 Born in: Brazil Marital status: Married Occupation: Model
When it comes to fashion models, there have only been a handful who have genuinely set the ramp on fire. One of them is Cintia Decker. She has been one of the youngest models to receive offers to star in commercials for leading global brands and labels. She has also walked the ramp in designer outfits and she has stunned everyone with them. Cintia Decker has done a lot of modeling work and she has attracted a lot of attention for her style as well. Height: 5’10 (5feet 10 inches) Weight: 130 Pounds
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Summer Gown

Cintia Dicker

There is something about Cintia Decker that suggests a cerebral essence of beauty. She is one of the most sought after models in the world. She has worked for a number of contracts for major designer labels like Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor and L’Oreal. But she has a natural flair for dressing up nicely. In summer this year, she was seen wearing a wonderful summer dress. It was bright blue in color and she coupled it with her blonde hair as well.

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