Classic steamer trunks from Scotland

Andrea Divirgilio / March 20, 2012

We have earlier told you about some of the finest luxury trunks including the T.T Trunks’ contemporary trunks, Swisssafe Pauline trunk-box and the 100 legendary trunks from Louis Vuitton. These were crafted alike for connoisseurs with extraordinaire taste and people addicted to high-end luxury and passionate about preserving their masterpieces. And, the latest piece of luggage representing the modern utility design, ‘The Journeyman’ trunk is the result of the collaboration between Scottish luxury furniture atelier Method and Amsterdam based denim brand Denham. It’s a modern take on a classic steamer trunk design to be used for both transportation and display of stock.

The Journeyman

Inspired by the history of travelling, Method crafted a beautiful wood steamer trunk for the jean-maker, Denham, evoking the heritage, movements and romance of the vintage luggage. Both light weight and extremely robust, the birch lined trunk is outfitted with everything a jean-maker could need and ask for. Giving a detail-rich approach to design, Method has brought together the innovative and traditional elements to create this unique piece of luxury furniture. Entirely handcrafted in Method’s workshop on the East Coast of Scotland, over 300 hours of craft work went into the making of the Journeyman.

The Journeyman

Stretching birch skin of 1.5mm thickness over a traditionally jointed skeletal ash frame, the framework echoes the bi-plane wing structure or the birch bark canoe, delivering flexibility and lightness. The design of the trunk is elegant throughout containing over 600 hundred custom components, and it’s meticulously interlocked with more than 250 interconnected traditional joints along with over 150 hand-Japanned steel engineering fittings. The lovingly constructed trunk’s gently curved grain feature has been carefully divined to deliver superior rib strength.

Method Workshop

The Journeyman is entirely finished in Scottish leather, secured with tough black case fittings and detailed in the superior Japanese selvedge denim; this one-off version of trunk has been designed as a travelling workshop for the archetypal Journeyman Jeanmaker, the founder of Denham, Jason Denham.

The Journeyman

Further, it comes furnished with a denim supply carousel, garment-securing methods, stacking shelves and a tiny work station. Moreover, one can’t think of buying this trunk, as only one is made.

Denham Method

Enthusiasts can watch a short documentary of Method showcasing the making of the Journeyman in their studio workshop on the East Coast of Scotland.

Via: MethodFurniture

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