Clean Cube Washer Dryer – As compact as it could be!

Andrea Divirgilio / April 7, 2008

clean cubeLast week we bought to your attention to the Dual Living Student Residence concept that focused on getting the best out of a small living zone. Coming on those lines, today we bring to your notice about a gadget that keeps your clothes clean. Dubbed as Clean Cube, it is an ideal answer for the need of having a washer dryer combo in your undersized dorm room. Folks at Nardo have managed to devise this Clean Cube out of an existing product which is perfect to be rented out. Rather then rushing to the nearby laundry outlet, students can rent this well-designed gadget for a semester or as long they are expected to be there. Sized so aptly, it will find its place in small dorm rooms or rented rooms without much fuss. Operating on 110 volt, it features Ventless drying and LCD touch screen display. No word on its availability or pricing. But I’m sure students are itching to stuff their dirty smelly garbs in it as soon as they can.

via Nardo

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