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Clic Gold designs world’s most expensive eyeglasses for $75k: Exclusive

Andrea Divirgilio / September 5, 2011

Clicl Gold 24-carat gold eyeglasses

Vintage gold look is back in fashion. At a time when the price of gold is surpassing the price of stocks, there is that strata of the society who are investing in gold not as an investment but as a lifestyle choice. One of the popular glittery gold trends that has made a huge comeback is gold eyewear. While we have earlier told you about gold sunglasses, including Bentley gold eyewear, Porsche P’8499 24-carat gold sunglasses and D&G’s most expensive sunglasses. And, now a company called CliC Gold has introduced the most expensive reading glasses, along with renowned jewelry designer/co-inventor, Hugh Power.

The 18K gold reading eyeglasses boast a hi-tech make besides high-end craftsmanship, using the magnetic front connection system. The other details include, 18K gold extendable sidepieces and an 18K gold expandable back made to fit everyone. Each piece took over 50 hours to handcraft. A limited edition of 300 pieces will be made available in the collection. Each “CliC GOLD” is made to be custom fit to the wearer, so that it sits properly on the nose bridge and the weight will be evenly distributed out and around through the headband, so they won’t be heavy on your face. A solid gold pin is used in place of a screw to keep the hinge in place. And, when you are not wearing them, the glasses are meant to hang around your neck, like jewellery.

Clic Gold's 24-carat gold eyeglasses

The jeweled glasses are designed taken into account the possibility of getting your optical lenses changed easily, if required. And, for other daily-wear issues like normal wear and tear, the glasses come with the lifetime warranty. A word of caution while hanging around your neck, always “CliC” the frames together to protect them from being lost and avoids any undo harm to the gold.

Each piece is handmade and hand crafted in the USA. Your order will take 6 to 8 weeks to process, and Clic-Gold will soon be accepting orders. There are a numbered 300 pairs in total, so place your order, if you are ready to splurge, for the gilded reading eyeglasses will set you back for $75,000.

Thanks, Hugh!

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