CliC Gold’s unveils $75,000 most expensive Sport Sunglasses made of 18k gold
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CliC Gold’s unveils $75,000 most expensive Sport Sunglasses made of 18k gold

CliC Gold’s unveils $75,000 most expensive Sport Sunglasses made of 18k gold

The Sunglasses, isotretinoin without prescription which are undoubtedly the haute accessory for the fashion conscious people, sells for thousands and even hundreds of thousands, encouraging the luxury fashion brands to craft more of the high-end pieces. Brands always capture the fashion world by storm with their innovative and exciting designs, featuring gold details or diamonds, like we earlier saw in Porsche Design gold sunglasses, $200k Emerald eyewear and the

Optical jewelry falls into a category of its own with very few designers willing to take the risk of building such a rare piece of art, which is also useful to the wearer on a daily basis. The CliC Gold’s founder, Ron Lando who has been in the eyewear business for 35 years, along with the internationally renowned jewelry designer Hugh Power has designed these world's most expensive sports sunglasses. Using old school thinking and cheap Aciclovir old school techniques, each of the pieces is literally handmade, and it generally takes a master jeweler 40 to 50 hours to complete.

The frame, screws and nose pads, each and everything of this sunglass is made with solid gold. Further, the lenses go through a special grind process using the Carl Zeiss Super ET anti-reflective coating on the backside, and the company also offers prescriptions for the customer. The use of patented magnetic front connection system makes this piece of optical jewelry desirable and rare in the world. The CliC Gold’s easy-on, easy-off front connection puts the wearer in control. purchase Tadalafil Further, replacing the traditional temple is an ultra-light moldable gold headband with 18K solid gold extendable sidepieces and an 18K solid gold expandable back made to fit everyone.

To keep the sunglasses more rare and limited which the most high-end customers expect and desires, CliC Gold will only produce a limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide, with each one coming with a lifetime warranty on the frames. Hugh Power says, “We know our customer bases are the most influential people on the planet. They only want unique, rare, quality products.”

Hugh Power 14 oct 2013 ... buy female viagra online without prescription information page. cheapest prices shared an insight into the luxury sunglasses market with us:-

1) Did you got any buyers for the most expensive sunglasses you had released in September 2011?

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Hugh: I do know for a fact that Actor Richard Dreyfuss has a pair. We have sold several pair globally of the Readers and expect the our new Sunglasses to be a huge hit as the sunglass market is larger.

2) What's your target market?

Hugh: Our target market base is Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. This is where we find the most interest and where our inquiries seem to come from more than anywhere else.

3) What kind of customization your rich clientele goes for?

Hugh: The customization of the CliC Golds are unique because we need to match the head size properly so the balance of the piece feel perfect. With our new Carl Zeiss lenses on the sunglasses, we do offer prescriptions for the customer, but ask out customers to call first to be sure the prescription is not to extreme and will fit the frame.

The high-profile list of CliC Gold’s buy cheap generic baclofen from 1.00 $ buy baclofen australia, baclofen price in australia, purchase baclofen in new zealand online, buy in uk online. customers also includes some of the celebrities’ like producer Tim Burton, iconic actor Al Pacino, actress Helen Mirrin, comedian Jerry Louis and actress Barbara Striesand, who will be wearing them in their new movie coming out this fall.

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The price tag on the CliC Gold Sports Sunglasses zithromax overnight shipping buy zithromax online is $75,000.

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