Co-Founder of Home Depot Sells his Mansion
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Co-Founder of Home Depot Sells his Mansion

Co-Founder of Home Depot Sells his Mansion
  The co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus and his wife Billi, have decided to sell their mansion for a price that tips just over $3 million dollars. This luxurious five-bedroom stucco mansion has eight bathrooms and is built on a sprawling area of 3 acres and is located in Sandy Springs. .   Betsy Akers, the real estate agent from Atlanta Fine Homes stated that she is currently showing Marcuses’ house to an entertainer, whose name she declined to mention.

  On the basis of the information supplied by, this sprawling 10,314 square foot property comprises of staff quarters, a caretaker house and a guest house as well.

The mansion is a two-storey home that also has two offices, a workshop, a wine cellar, a fitness center as well as an indoor pool- which makes it a very grand abode indeed!

This home was built in 1987 as per the Fulton County tax assessor’s records, and the valuation of the home alone is $2.4 million whereas the evaluation of the land is at $784,400.

Betsy Akers has stated that the Marcuses have been the sole occupants of the home, since they purchased the land in 1985 for $260,000. The home was built after the purchase, every single aspect of the house was carefully selected, another reason as to why the property has been called "state of the art'.

She has further shed light on the high-end real estate market in Atlanta by stating that such multiple million dollar houses have been sold lately without even being listed.  There are multiple sales going on in Atlanta which has raised the faith of investors in the Atlanta market.

The net worth of Marcus, as per the Forbes magazine, has been placed at near around $3 billion.  He has been the co-founder of the Home Depot along with  Arthur Blank, who now owns  the Atlanta Falcons.  Home Depot has become the biggest retailer in home-improvement solutions across the globe.

Marcus presently resides in Boca Raton, Florida and has retired from the chairmanship of Home Depot in 2001 and has since then taken to philanthropy through his foundation- the Marcus Foundation.  Not only has he donated $250 million for the Georgia Aquarium, but he has also provided monetary assistance for medical research with the opening of the Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta in 2008. During the beginning of the year, his foundation had donated $25 million to Boca Raton Regional Hospital for the creation of the Marcus Neuroscience Institute within the hospital for treating patients suffering from brain disorders.

It seems like Marcus is reluctant to live in Atlanta any longer and has thus listed his home at a much lower price of $3.2 million, from the previous listing for $3.9 million in 2011.
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