Coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California costs more than $295,000

Andrea Divirgilio / April 26, 2013

Having a coffee with the Chief Executive of Apple Inc. can certainly have it’s price. As per latest figures available, the bidding price for a coffee date with Tim Cook, at the Cupertino Headquarters of Apple, has topped the $295,000 mark, and is going higher. The proceeds of this auction will be directed towards the Robert F Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights. This latest charity event based on celebrity date, marks the Apple chief executive’s inclination towards social causes, and using his status for the betterment of society at large. However, with the ultra-premium price tag, one cannot help but draw parallels to other such auctions, including the Lindt Gold bunny celebrity auction, Warren Buffet Charity lunch for 2012, 2011 Charity lunch with Warren Buffet where his star power was used to generate funds for a social cause.

Unlike Steve Jobs seen here, coffee with Tim Cook is by far more expensive

Charity Buzz which is running the charity coffee date with Tim Cook, will be carrying on the bidding process till May 14 this year. This event will include an hour’s time with the head of Apple, who will discuss some company matters especially their plans of expanding in developing markets like China. However, being in helm of affairs at one of the loading tech companies across the globe, Apple’s CEO certainly has sent the bidding circles in a frenzy. The bidding started at a price of $6,000, and within 8 hours or so, touched the $100,000 mark. Though real identities of the bidders have not been revealed, but some rival company executives are also known to be a part of the process.

In fact, one British photographer wanted to chat with Tim Cook about human rights across Asia, where is now traveling, but that bid has already been surpassed by a long way. Now he has decided to use the similar amount of money for the project he is working on. For those wealthy bidders looking to get to the final position on the coffee date with Tim Cook, are not looking to stop anytime sooner, and will henceforth be more aggressive till May 14 when the bidding stops. Since, majority of them might not make it, perhaps they can make do wondering about the most expensive coffee, and what the beverage could add to their lifestyle.

Via: The Guardian

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