Cognac Cuvée 1888 pays tribute to Pierre Frapin

Andrea Divirgilio / February 6, 2010

cognac cuve 2

Coming from the family of Frapin Rabelais that has been producing wine and brandy for the past 20 generations, this special Cognac Cuvée 1888 is designed as a tribute to Pierre Frapin. This cognac is a blend of complex aromas from dried fruits, nuts, raisins, plums and hints of candied orange inviting scents of balsamic and roasted cocoa, beans Tonco and coffee. It conceals a subtle burst of pepper highlighted by a touch of immortelle combined with the sweetness of lime: spicy notes softened by the floral aroma expressing finesse and elegance. Sealed in a unique decanter with pure lines that gives an impression of spinning “top” formation, this special cognac is produced in a limited series of 1888 pieces. Priced at $7400, the Cuvée 1888 is bottled beneath a 24-karat gold stopper in this twisty crystal decanter.

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