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Colin Farrell Net Worth

Net Worth $ 30 Million
Colin Farell
Colin Farell
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Born on: 31st May 76 Born in: Ireland Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actor
The Irish actor first came into prominence in 2000 with the war film, Tigerland (2000). The Boston Society of Film Critics awarded him with the Best Actor award for his role in the film. After Tigerland, Farrell acted as Jesse James in American Outlaws (2001). His acting skills were tested to the hilt in Phone Booth, an extraordinary film from Joel Schumacher. This was also Colin's first starring role. In 2002, he got the opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg in Minority Report. He achieved all this before he attained 25 years making him one of the youngest top grade actors.   Hart's War (2002) was Colin's first major hit for which he received a salary of $2,500,000. He received the same amount of money for Minority Report. He increased his salary to $5,000,000 with The Recruit in 2003. He reached $8,000,000 with S.W.A.T and asked for a pay of $10,000,000 for Alexander and Miami Vice. There is no concrete information available about his endorsement deals and whether he has done any advertisements on TV or print media.   In May 2006 Colin purchased a 3,360 sq ft home in Los Angeles. The mansion has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms and looks like every bit like a majestic luxurious abode. In 2010 the celebrity actor bought yet another house and this one is at the bottom of the Hollywood Hills. He forked out $1.2 million for Tudor-styled house that spreads over 2700 sq ft. The new house features tall ceilings and handmade hardwood floors. The kitchen has a classic touch to it for its terra cotta floors. He is often seen driving a black colored Ford Bronco, a welcome departure from the trademark Prius.   There were widespread reports in July 2001 that Colin Farrell was married to Amelia Warner but Amelia later claimed that their marriage was not legal. The actor then dated British writer Emma Forrest for over a year and he later claimed that it was an enriching experience for him. They had even plans to have a child together but their relationship ended prematurely. Colin then started dating US model Kim Bordenave and they had a son who was born in LA. But again this relationship too died prematurely. In October 2009 Farrell declared that he has a son with Alicja Bachleda-Curus and as soon as their son became a year old, they decided to end the relationship.
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Colin Farrell Estates and Homes (1)

Hollywood Hills Home

Hollywood Hills Home

Actor Colin Farrell bought a house valued at $1.2 million in December 2011. The Irishman gifted the lavish villa to his ex-girlfriend Alicja Bachleda after their breakup. Currently Alicia resides in the mansion with her three year old son Henry Tadeusz, who was born out of her relationship with Farrell.

Location: The mansion is located in the high end Hollywood Hills neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles in the American state of California.

Accommodation: The house offers a total carpet area of 2,735 square feet and is spread over two floors. The villa has been designed as per the Tudor style of architecture and offers two bedrooms, a huge living area equipped with a stone fireplace, one dining room, 2 bathrooms and a modern kitchen. The garage can accommodate up to two large cars at a time. A beautiful garden along with a well maintained lawn encloses the main house.

Features: The entire villa boasts of hardwood flooring. The modular styled kitchen features terra cotta flooring along with dark wood cabinets which provide it a very classy look and feel. A good mix of antique and modern furniture has been used to furnish the villa. The walls of the living room and the bedroom have been aesthetically decorated with modern art paintings. Relaxation options inside the house are provided by the indoor spa and the modern home theater system. One of the bathrooms has been equipped with a Jacuzzi and master bathroom has been fitted with a walk in shower. The centralized air conditioning system provides much needed relief from the hot and humid Los Angeles weather.

Neighborhood: Some of the most successful actors in Hollywood like Kevin Costner and Brad Pitt own residences in the immediate neighborhood of Colin Farrell’s mansion.

The living hall

The living hall

Classic Kitchen hall

Classic Kitchen hall

The master bedroom

The master bedroom

Colin Farrell Autos and Cars (2)

Ford Bronco

Colin Farell drives Ford Bronco

If you expected the Golden-Globe-winning star from Phone Booth, Minority Report, S.W.A.T and Alexander to be driving something exotic and luxurious, you are in for a surprise! Hollywood heartthrob, Colin Farell, drives around an old Ford Bronco! The vehicle has a long history dating back to 1966 when it was first released. Being one of the first SUV's of the world, it was released as a versatile, 2-door mini-truck which could act as an all-rounder - family sedan, snowplow vehicle, sports roadster and civil defense vehicle. The body and drive-train were changed in 1987 and there were several cosmetic changes in 1992. However, the love it evokes in the fan's heart has not changed a bit and Mr.Farell seems to be a big fan!

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Colin Farell drives Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Hollywood superstar Colin Farrell has recently purchased a $ 82,500 priced Cadillac Escalade Hybrid 2012 edition. The color is greyish black. This robust SUV is fitted with a 6.0-liter V8 gasoline engine. Total power output is 379 horsepower. Some of the astounding exterior features of this robust SUV are backup camera and rear parking sensors, power retractable running boards, 22" chrome wheels, and LED headlights. The lavishly decorated interiors also boasts a wide range of features and facilities. Some of them include moonroof, power front seats, leather interior, climatic control (automatic and trizone) , USB ports, and cupholders (heated and cool options available).Some of the extraordinary safety features of this SUV are antilock brakes, side curtain airbags in each row, additional airbags for front seats, and electronic stability system.

Colin Farrell Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Mexico vacations

Colin Farrell on vacation in Mexico

Actor Colin Farrell was recently spotted at Mexico enjoying some time off his busy schedule with girl friend Alicja Bachleda Curus. The couple became proud parents to a son on September 2011 and they were seen kissing and cuddling up to their baby during the vacation. Colin Farrell is known to frequent Mexico and this was the first time the three of them together went to visit his favorite holiday destination.

Location: Mexico is a very attractive location for taking a vacation and it is the favorite holiday destination of people who want to bask in the Mexican sun. Located at the end of the American sub continent, Mexico attracts a lot of tourists all round the year.

Accommodation: Mexico, being a tourist spot, has a lot of high class resorts, exclusive hotels and exotic villas on rent for the tourists. The living arrangements are excellent in Mexico and there are cheap hotels as well as high class deluxe hotels for the guests, so you can choose from anything that suits your needs.

Main Attractions: The main attractions of Mexico are the resort town of Acapulco, the mountain town of Guanajuato, Dias Des los Muertos, Oaxaca, Cozumel, the scuba diving location, the Los Cabos islands, Palenque, Copper Canyon, the beach town of Culum, the Chichen Itza pyramid and the Teotihuacan pyramid. Mexico is famous for its long beaches, the drinks, the pubs and the exotic sightseeing locations. Some of the activities those are famous in Mexico are cliff jumping, bungee jumping, bird watching, deep sea diving, etc. Mexico is also famous for its cuisine and drinks and after sun set the pubs go full with partying tourists and fun loving locals. It is a great place to hang out and late night beach parties also adorn the numerous beaches. Overall Mexico is a great place to go on a vacation, with friends or family.

Colin Farrell Cause (4)

The Trevor project

Colin Farrell supports the Trevor Project

Colin Farrell supports the Trevor Project focused on removing suicidal tendencies among the lesbian and gay community by providing the youth with live saving resources. The vision of the organization is to see the future with equal opportunities for all people irrespective of their sexual preferences. The Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing equal opportunities to the youth of the homosexual community. The main causes which the organization is focused on are the removal of depression and suicidal tendencies in the youth, children and support for the gay and lesbian community.

Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics

Colin Farrell supports Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics

The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics or FAST, as it is commonly known, is an organization of families and professionals of patients of Angelman Syndrome, grouped together to fund the project. The main objective of the organization is to fund people with Angelman syndrome so that they get back to the main field of life in course of time. Colin Farrell is a part of this organization as his son James is affected by the Angelman syndrome and he actively participates in the function of the organization. FAST is run by a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who dedicate their life and time for the benefit of the people affected by the deadly disease.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Colin Farrell also supports this nonprofit organization

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is dedicated towards the benefit of seriously ill children whose family is unable to pay for their medical expenses. Colin Farrell also supports this nonprofit organization having doctors and other medical professionals volunteering for the treatment of these children. The hospital provides high quality treatment for children with the inability to pay for their expenses. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles offer the best education program for the trainees who want to join the foundation as working members and hence the facility has the best treatment facilities around. The facility is also involved in research work and promotes research in new fields of medicine. They have the best lab facilities in Los Angeles. Their main objective is to create a healthier future for all children.

It Gets Better Project

Actor Colin Farrell is involved in 'It Gets Better Project' charity

Actor Colin Farrell is involved in charity and he is one of the few Hollywood actors to be actively involved with multiple charitable organizations. 

The It Gets Better Project works to show the people of the gay, bisexual and lesbian community that their life can get a lot better if they can just pass their teenage years. The organization aims to prove it to the people of the gay, bisexual and the lesbian community, that they are not alone and that people are with them and are there to support their cause and survival for a living. Actor Colin Farrell has been actively taking part in this project and there are other celebrities as well supporting the cause.

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