Collectibles which Billionaires Fancy: Art Collections and Vintage Cars
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Collectibles which Billionaires Fancy: Art Collections and Vintage Cars

Collectibles which Billionaires Fancy: Art Collections and Vintage Cars

Rich from across the world are known to have a rich collection of yachts, private islands and expensive cars. However, some of the billionaires have unusual interests and are collecting riches which might seem to be of little worth to our common rich elite.

Below are listed some of these unique collections which the rich have been able to buy at auctions or collect through their journeys throughout the globe.

Bill Koch ($4 billion)

With fortunes worth $41.5 billion, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries are the 6th richest in the world. The younger brother in the family, Bill Koch though has some unusual interests. He has been spending a fortune of his earnings on memorabilia collection. Among his collections are nautical instruments and an authenticated photo of Billy the Kid, the famed outlaw in U.S. He bought the photograph for $2.1 billion in 2011.


Bill Gates ($80 billion)

Bill Gates, the co founder of Microsoft is also known for his charity work. He is also a keen art and car collector. Among the priciest art collections he has bought are Codex Leicester of scientific writings by Leonardo Da Vinci which he bought for over $30.8 million.


Carlos Slim ($81.5 billion)

Carlos Slim has a net worth of $81.5 billion and has been listed as World’s richest man by Forbes. He has a 66,000 piece art collection and has works by artists as Da Vinci and Renoir. He has a museum in Mexico where most of his collections are displayed. He also collects rare coins and religious artefacts which can be seen in the museum.


Bruce Halle ($4.9 billion)

Bruce Halle has an affinity for collecting vintage tire posters and has a collection of over 400 lithographs. He also has a few Michelin posters in his collection.


Truett Cathy ($6.3 billion)  

He is the owner of fast food chain, Chick- fil-A and is the owner of over 70 classical cars including Batmobile which featured in the movie Batman Returns in 1992.




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