Collector’s book inlaid with gold worth $100,000 is Vietnam’s most expensive edition
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Collector’s book inlaid with gold worth $100,000 is Vietnam’s most expensive edition

Collector’s book inlaid with gold worth $100,000 is Vietnam’s most expensive edition

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This gold-plated book is art collector Truong’s favorite item amongst his other collectible artifacts, and he struggled a lot to get this book back to his country. As Truong says, for the first time he heard about the book from a friend in France was in 2002, and he then first saw the book in 2004. Touched and moved by seeing and holding this unique antique, Truong went to France for over ten times as a part of his efforts to bring back Viagra Gold online the book to its origin, Vietnam.

Gold-inlaid book of Vietnamese king Thieu Tri

The book was owned by a retired General of France who joined the Vietnam war, Truong persuaded Natrexone without a prescription the French man to sell the book but remained unsuccessful. Until in 2010, When Truong came to now that book will be auctioned; he successfully overcame Chinese and Western clients to own the book. To achieve this task he had to sell his house in Canada, for which the collector says that he can buy another house, but if he might have failed to own the book in auction, he would have no chance to get back the book to Vietnam.

Gold-gilded silver made book is the only Vietnamese book that still exists

Mr. Truong has no plans to sell the book, perhaps he would present it to Vietnamese museum. As per Dr. Tran Duc Anh Son, the Hue Royal Art Museum's former director, this silver made gold-gilded book is the only historical Vietnamese book that still exists. canada pharmacy online provides you more options to buy estrace , generic estradiol, product details, q & a, and health quotes. a prescription is required if it's 

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Via: VietnamNet

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