Colorful Swipespot tablet stand helps you make elegant presentations
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Colorful Swipespot tablet stand helps you make elegant presentations

Colorful Swipespot tablet stand helps you make elegant presentations
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We have earlier covered technology endowed furniture such as the Athena Multimedia sofa which had in-built computers in the arm rests, and the DuPont iPad integrated conference table, that was meant for interfacing a number of tablet iPad’s on a network and set up an interactive interface, especially in office. Might not be as high-tech, but Swipespot has introduced a range of customizable tablet stands, which are aimed at providing secure solutions in places like a retail store, an exhibition or even in the healthcare segment where customers could use their interactive communication devices.

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These tablet stands are customizable holders of tablet PC’s which are typically used for interactive purposes with the presence of a large number of people, such as product launches, exhibitions or high-end retail stores. Customers have numerous personalization options, such as selecting the top metal plate color and finishing, engraving their company logo with ever illuminated LEDs, or simply the option of getting these fixed on the ground, if the purchase Naltrexone need arises.

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The stand offers a strong anti-theft mechanism, through the tough exterior covering below which the tablets can be placed and used, which too can be customized as per the different sizes and shapes of the tablets. In cases if the stands are permanent, then there are provisions to integrate a power supply source which would help run the computers purchasing Plavix online for longer duration. Apart from the current set on offer, there is significant work going into creating stands with integrated mini-printers, beamers or even high-end audio systems.

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To get one of these, customers have to shell out $2125 a piece which includes the customized logo and selected metal top and finishing gear. For any other customizations, the cost would be extra, but a discount could be availed if the volumes of order are large enough. price of doxycycline

Via: DutchDailyNews/Designspotter

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