Combi’s New Baby Buggy Boasts Temperature Control Function

Andrea Divirgilio / January 2, 2008

For the new parents who are busy finding the right stroller for their little one, Combi has released a new baby buggy with a few luxury features to comfort your toddler and is also easier to handle. The buggy features large-size wheels with suspensions to absorb 96% of shock from the ground so your baby will sleep through the uneven of roads. The Combi LX-720 features a sensor for the wheel caster that “detects if the buggy gets caught in the door of a train”..though there is no detail on this one as to how it saves when stuck but I am sure the manufacturers must be having an explanation ready. And, last but the most impressive is that the Combi LX-720 allows the parent to adjust the temperature and humidity inside the ‘The Roddler‘ even does not have it! But unlike the pimped-out Roddler it cost up to $685 for the LX-720 and up to $570 for the LX-600.

via InventorSpot

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