Compact, Wireless PS1 Speakers from Cue Acoustics
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Compact, Wireless PS1 Speakers from Cue Acoustics

Compact, Wireless PS1 Speakers from Cue Acoustics

Cue Acoustics

Cue Acoustics has introduced its latest set of PS1 speakers, which takes a route different from most high-end speakers in a number of ways. It has come up with Toradol without prescription this compact set which has crystal clear acoustics and stylish looks to go with it. Built with most sound engineering facilities, this set of speakers looks to be a treat for the audiophiles.

Wireless and with a built-in sub-woofer of 5 inches, these speakers have been fitted with 3/4th inch tweeter, 3.5 inch mid-range speakerand a D2 amplifier which takes care of most needs to create crystal clear sound and add a whole new dimension to the audio output. All one needs to do is to fix it to a device which can supply it with the necessary audio signals and connect its power cord to a source and it is ready to go! Also, connecting sources like a TV or audio storage device can be done with the help of the wireless interface box, which cuts out the necessity of cumbersome and excess wires. The dimensions of the speakers too, have been kept moderate. The height stands at
18 inches, the width 8 inches and the length at 10 inches in totality, which is make it fairly compact. But the weight for such dimensions is slightly on the higher side, not making it the easiest speakers to carry around, as the body is made from aluminum and carbon composite fiber. However, the design and aesthetic appeal haven’t been compromised with.

Details of the pricing have not been revealed yet, but would be done after the formal launch in the market by July/ August 2011,
after which the shipping of the product shall begin. But industry experts do mention that they will be competing with the higher-end lot of speakers. For audiophiles who wish to look at higher-end speakers, our coverage of 10 luxury speakers and Elipson Planet L speakers can be looked at. But this set from Cue Acoustics should be healthy competition in such a range.

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