Continental Mobiles brings limited edition Adamas and Aurora luxury mobile phones
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Continental Mobiles brings limited edition Adamas and Aurora luxury mobile phones

Continental Mobiles brings limited edition Adamas and Aurora luxury mobile phones
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The iPhone 5 has been a success for the team at Apple, but even bigger a center of attraction for designer labels, who have managed to apply their own creativity to create special editions of the phone. Some Plavix buy of the recent eye-popping models include the

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The Adamas series is dedicated to the master craftsmanship of diamonds, whereby a total of 22-carat worth of the precious stone have been used, which capture and reflect in every possible angle. Priced at $56,004 (£36,000), the Adamas series iPhone 5 has been made out of yellow gold, and has been limited to only 10 unique pieces worldwide. It already has managed to get some stars to like it, and reportedly Kayne West has planned to get one of these for Kim Kardashian after she gives birth to their child. Not just them, but anyone else would certainly get their Adamas iPhone 5 in a specially carved wooden box, which will be carried to them in an armored vehicle.

Apart from VS 1 diamonds, there are plenty more precious stones like emerald, sapphires, and rubies

The Aurora Series takes a leap even further, when it comes to using precious stone. Named after the buy Tadalafil online Aurora Borealis, this special edition handset will be a different sight to see from every angle anyone chooses to see it. Apart from VS1 diamonds, one will find pigeon blood red rubies, cognac diamonds, midnight sapphires, emeralds, black diamonds, canary yellow sapphires, strawberry and cream sapphires, which total up to 22 carats worth in all. Due to the rare specimen of craftsmanship, there will be only be 5 such unique handsets, each bearing a price tag of $105,764 (£68,000).

The Aurora series is the more premium of the 2 creations with a £68,000 price tag

Continental Mobiles, is a British outfit that specializes in creating jeweled edition handsets and personal smart devices such as these. Their site shows plenty more options, for a variety of devices, from numerous makers. In fact, they have already joined hands with Vodafone to create a luxurious series of devices for the users in the Middle buy Lasix online East. But looking at the specialist craftsmanship of these Aurora and Adamas, the rest of the Hollywood and even some oil barons could be vouching for these blinged devices.

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The Adamas Series has been bestowed with diamonds in a way that it can capture light from every angle

Via: Continental Mobiles

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