Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table is a controversial art piece

Andrea Divirgilio / November 21, 2011

Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table

From designer model cars for collectors and enthusiasts, new realms have been reached in automotive art. We have earlier told you about the automotive themed furniture and car sculptures, with luxury cars as inspiration, the automotive art is reinventing itself. One of the popular auto trends with auto enthusiasts is furniture made from original car parts. But, designer Charly Molinelli of Molinelli Designs has gone a little farther with his crashed car furniture range, which might baffle the die-hard car lovers. The designer’s “Crashed Ferrari Table” has put the car scrap to a better use then letting it get the junkyard treatment.

Ferrari Table

So, next time you hear a bad Ferrari crash, all Charly wants you to think about is how to make the wrecked exotic car a part of your lifestyle in an extremely new manner. The price is still awaited and we are still unsure if the crashed car furniture is only for the crashed car owners or open to the collectors, who are ready to splurge on anything in the name of art.

Ferrari Coffee Table

But, we are guessing, Kanye West and Jay-Z sure would love it. Remember how they destroyed a brand-new $300000 Maybach in ‘Otis’ video clip?

Via: Gizmodo/Molinelli Design

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