Create your casino in-house with the Digital Baccarat Table from Perfect Pay

Andrea Divirgilio / March 19, 2012

If creating your private casino is something you are looking to jazz up your place, than the Digital Baccarat table by Perfect Pay is something you could be looking for. We had earlier shown some exclusive creativity like the Playerati Gamebar, which used premium fabrication for being counted amongst the most elite offerings out there. However, the Perfect Pay table uses more of high grade engineering and technology to make up for it, and give you a chance to convert your gaming room into a personal casino. So much had been the innovation to ensure a smooth game of Baccarat, that the makers received a Gold medal at the 2009 Gaming Technology Summit.

Perfect Digital table from Perfect Pay

What defines the product in terms of technology is the fact that it uses RFID technology along with a card reading shoe and the Walker Core Game Technology, which is known to be an upgradable platform with networking capabilities. The networking system relates to the tracks turnover, hand outcome, wagers, payouts, and player ratings in real time, which is by far the optimum method one can think of to prevent any sort of dealing error. In fact, it works both ways to ensure that the dealers as well as the players don’t find their way into shortcuts for skimming within a game. Also, details like the game speed, betting mix, table occupancy, and win capacity can be tracked as well, so the small casino owners have something to take back as well.

When one considers the RFID chips, it all adds up knowing the game up close. For someone who may not have a smooth hand at it, the interrogation of the system on an electronic platform will give detailed information, and perhaps present a more clear perspective to the newbie. No wonder the RFID antennas are also there to work on an overdrive to ensure, that’s all is fair and smooth in this game of dealings.

Via: Elitebacc

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