Cricket Trailer: NASA Architect’s space-saving space-age mobile home

Andrea Divirgilio / August 25, 2010

cricket trailer

Designed for the outdoor adventurers, the Cricket Trailer is a modular, mini trailer home that draws inspiration from the compact but comfortable quarters of the NASA space station. The brainchild of NASA Architect Garrett Finney, the innovative, lightweight, compact and made-to-order Cricket Trailer is made mostly of aluminum, wood and steel, and can be easily towed away. To create the space-saving trailer, Finley combined his childhood love for houseboats and experience of working on habitat modules for NASA and the International Space Station. The Cricket Trailer is environment friendly too as you can recycle it after many years of use. When you reach the spot for camping, the roof of Cricket Trailer rises up on a hinge and tent windows are opened for natural ventilation.

Pricing sits at $9,950 for the base model, which comes with wheel well storage space and a sloped floor for drainage. The next model costs $13,950 and comes equipped with a kitchen cabinet with hinged countertop, stainless steel sink, on demand electric hot water heater, folding couch, 3-way refrigerator and a removable table.

The high-end model, priced at $16,990, has everything Cricket has to offer, including a folding bed, kitchen sink and stove, refrigerator, tables, cabinets, on-demand hot water heater, a toilet, hand shower, shade awning and an AC unit or furnace. Every Cricket Trailer is built to order to suit the customers’ needs.

Via: Dornob/Inhabitat

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