Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini Loudspeakers cost $25,000 a pair

Andrea Divirgilio / November 27, 2012

Capable of producing the unique combinations of extremely high resolution, low distortion sound, here’s the aesthetically smart Crystal Cable’s Arabesque Mini loudspeaker, noted for its unique multi-faceted curved horn shaped enclosure which breaks any resonant modes inside the cabinet. The Abrasque Mini’s modern, functional and elegant design which was virtually built using the physical modeling software Comsol, makes it easy to drive, easy to place and extremely easy on the eyes as well. Notably, it’s not just the size that makes the Arabesque Mini easy to place in the living, but the technical features make acoustical interfacing with the room far easier.

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini Loudspeakers cost $25,000 a pair

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini Loudspeakers cost $25,000 a pair

The Mini’s case has been made from several machined aluminum panels, fastened together internally using an aluminum skeleton, as the aluminum cabinet material, like glass, has a very high soundspeed.

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini Loudspeakers cost $25,000 a pair

The whole idea was to create a fast loudspeaker that will let the full impact of transients through, as any damping material in the cabinet will slow and dull desired musical signals just as well as resonances.

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini Loudspeakers cost $25,000 a pair

Costing $23,000 a pair, these best sounding speaker employs a custom-built Scan-Speak Illuminator bass-mid driver with a laminated paper cone and an embossed surface designed to further inhibit standing waves.

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini Loudspeakers in Silver

Though, the Mini can be shelf-mounted, but it’s recommended to be used on its own matching stand that costs $2,000. The Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini loudspeaker’s voice is so natural and speaks with such authority that its small sizes ceases to matter.

However, it should also be noted that Crystal Cable first used the Cosmol Multi-Physics computer simulation package to design a cabinet with a minimum of resonances and optimal acoustic performance using no internal damping or baffling for its Arabesque Glass Master speaker.

Crystal Cable Arabesque Glass Master speaker

The simulation showed that hard and rigid material like glass offers the best performance. So, Crystal Cable used to natural glass strips which were invisibly glued to create the most expensive loudspeaker, the $65,000 Arabesque Glass Master speaker which was actually the result of the cost-no-object research and development project.

Truly, its unique combination of technology and materials make it both musically and visually transparent.

Via: HomeTheaterHiFi / CrystalCable

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